Do you ski….?

skiturdamtjern 018

They say that Norwegians are born with ski’s on there feet, but i have to admit i never felt like i was one of them ( And i am Norwegian! At least i think i am….).

I remember my mum dragging me out in the woods when i was little. We would bring hot chocolate and everything, but i still did not like it. I just did not get it….. It was boring and i preferred to play basketball or just play in the snow.  Any way, it’s never to late to change right? So guess what? Turns out that Cross country skiing is not that bad after all, and i am starting to become a fan….. Believe it or not.

I have to admit that the last 10 -15 years i might have gone skiing 1-2 times every other year (or maybe more like 1-2 times every 3rd year). Which is not something i am proud off…… But to change this i have in 2013 already been 8 times! Which for me is a huge change. The last few years i have always been thinking that i should have bought some new ski’s……… but time went by and i never did (until now). About two years ago, i decided i wanted to give the old skis a try, and i was planing on getting in shape. So i put on my old shoes and found my old cross country skis. I packed everything in the car and drove up to the mountain. I was so happy that i finally had put them on and were ready to start a new adventure. Little did i know……………… (Until i was at the bottom of the hill)


That one of the shoes were rotten! When i came to the bottom of the hill, a little kid was in the lane, so i had to change lanes. When i changed lane i lost balance and feel to the ground (I like to think that i feel because the shoe was broken, but it could also be because i had not been skiing in a few “Years”). When i got back up, i could feel that my sock was starting to get really wet, and saw that the tip of the shoe was broken off and there was a whole in to the sock. (So the “Joy” of finally skiing, went to quick embarrassment when i had to take of the skis and walk back on my feet in the ski tracks. You could not see that my shoe was broke, so all the people were probably looking at me like, what the h… is she doing walking with here skis in here hands). So this leads me to the next point…… It was clear that it was about time to by some new equipment (Ski’s, shoes, and poles!). Time went by……. and finally before Christmas last year, i got new skis!!

When you by something new, its kinda good ( Especially when you by something a little more expensive) because it makes you feel obligated to use it! I was really happy i got new skis and it has truly changed the way I look at cross country skiing. Unless you are already bitten by the ski bug, you are probably thinking, why should i go skiing?  So, why should you go skiing?

  1. To get in shape and stay fit! (They say its good for you ass)
  2. To feel like a true Norwegian! ( Or atleast try)
  3. To enjoy the amazing nature!

skiturdamtjern 0380502201123205022011216

4. To be able to eat good chocolate and feel good abut your self ( Kvikk Lunsj, the must have Ski chocolate! Or other kinds if you are picky) januar-februar2013 073

5. To make sure you get some fresh air!  Especially nowadays………. 🙂

6. To get some more energy!

jan ski1 037

7. To Exercise ( Get rid of some tensions)

8. To Spend time with friends and family

Well these are some of my reasons, and i am sure there are more! Walking on skis in the mountains, in the forest, on the fields, on a lake or any place where there is snow, gives your a certain calm feeling in your body and soul. It’s kinda like free therapy.

Cross country skiing is kinda like riding a bike. Once you know it, you will not forget it. But just because you will not forget it, does not mean you will be great at it. I had actually forgotten how fast it can go down some of the hills. When you set off down a hill, it gives you a rush in your body, and a face cold as a Popsicle! Sometimes you don’t even know where you are going, all you can see are some trees and a turn, you just hope there is no one laying in the tracks…..(like little kids that make you fall).

I went for a little trip today, and it made me feel really good, and I am hoping I get to go once or twice the following week to (Since I have some ski tracks right out side my house, i really don’t have any excuses). So, i guess i am saying that i really like cross country skiing now and i am really glad i bought some new skis. Its exciting to see how much better i can get before the season is over ( and i am pretty sure there is a lot of room for improvement).

If you have never been skiing i would suggest trying it, and if you were like me when you are little, maybe you should give it another try again now!

Maybe i was born with just one ski, and that’s why it took me so long……………….

Have a great week, and for those of you that are going on a ski trip, ENJOY!


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People = Family…Friends….Love?

juni3 096

Do you like your family? Are you satisfied with your friends? What kinda people do you let in to your life? What kinda people would you like to meet? What kinda people do you want in your life?

In 2011 the worlds population was said to be around 7 billions. This has increased a huge amount considering that when i was born( and of course some of you) the worlds population was just under 5 billions. By only going about 100 years back in history they say (By they, i mean wikipedia: that the population was only about 1,6 billions!  You know, we say its hard to find good friends and hard to find the right Boyfriend/girlfriend, but imagine how it was back then! Technically we have 5.4 billion more people to choose from, and still we have some of the same problems!

We meet people on a regular basis everyday. When you walk out the front door, the opportunities of meeting someone new is quite big (Actually with today’s technology, you can meet people in your own couch or even in your bed!). Anyway, you meet people on the buss, when you work, when you shop, when you eat, when you train, when you walk, when you dance, or when you just stand a place waiting for some one else. The big questions is, who do you choose to talk to or interact with, or who chooses to talk to and interact with you?

I guess when it comes to family, they are suppose to be there for you, no matter what happens. And most people would say that you don’t choose your family, but is this true for everybody? Not everybody has a traditional family. Some people loose there parents, some people are sent away from their parents, some people adopt and some people are left all alone. So what do they call family? Maybe a step mom, maybe a uncle, maybe a close friend, or someone who stepped up and told you they were there for you no matter what… so, maybe we can choose a part of our family? Family by blood, or by commitment?

People come and go in your life all the time. Sometimes we meet people that we immediately get a long with, and other times we meet people that we at first not understand, but that later turns out to be one of your best friends. You know that feeling when you meet someone, and you can just talk and talk and talk and talk, (oh wait, maybe thats just me) and you feel that the other person understands you (or maybe you had to much alcohol). During my life i have meet some truly interesting people all over the world, but i have to admit that i have not been good at keeping them in my life. Good friends are hard to find, so if you already have some, make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them. I really appreciate my good friends, i know they are there for me, no matter what. Even dough we don’t talk or see eachother everyday, i know they are there. They are real.

What is love? Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? If you find a person that is perfect for you, then you kinda won the lottery, because when you are looking to find the “right one” among 7 billion people there is a big chance you will have to look for a long time (maybe even try a couple of different once, until you find what you are looking for). Maybe we are to picky, but we always seem to find something that we complain about (or maybe that’s just me…).

One thing is sure, that all the people you meet and let in to your life, teach you something. It can be positive or negative, but no matter what, you will learn something from it and it will make you grow. Life is complicated and you never know what will happen (unless you can see the future).

Who do you let in to your life? Maybe you don’t think about it, but your smile can change a lot.

Have a great day 🙂


Do you Climb?

Have you ever tried Climbing? Were you one of those who climbed all the trees you could see when you were little, or did you stay on the ground? (can you guess what i did?)

I don’t know about you, but when i was little i was technically all over the place. I would climb all the trees and probably all the big furniture’s i would get across. Most of the time it was really fun, until one day when i went climbing in the church yard close to my house.  We were out playing around trying to spend some energy (since i have a lot) when we decided to find some new trees. After looking for a long time i found a perfect tree ( Atleast what i thought was a perfect tree). I climbed really high and yelled at my friend to look at me…… When i suddenly lost my grip and slid down the tree trunk. It would have been fine, but there was a little branch sticking out, that scratched a whole in my clothes and marked my skin for life. Looks like i have been in a surgery, but all i did was climb a stupid tree. My friend went running for my mum, and she came and took us back to the house. After that i stayed on the ground for a little while before i went climbing again……..(but you know me, a little while is not really that long). Throughout my life, i have to admit i have broken a few branches, but i am still alive and so are the trees!

So finally as i have said earlier, last year i took a climbing course in Oslo. It was a 4 hour course to learn how to properly secure and some basic techniques on how to climb on a top rope. For those of you who know how to climb, you might now what it means, but for the rest of you, it just means that the rope is already put on the wall and attaches at the top. This means i can stop climbing trees, and start climbing walls in stead (It’s a lot safer, and there are no branches, so thanks for the hint mom….). 


I think the first time i went climbing was in the USA a long time ago. It was really fun the first time, and i always wanted to learn more but i never seemed to have time. So, when i got the course last year it was a perfect opportunity to get started. I have always been a active girl, and i like to try new things, so i was really excited about this. I have to admit that i like to climb as high as possible. It gives me a quick to climb to the top. I guess you are suppose to follow a certain pattern, but……. i’l start with that later.   

When you go climbing you have to make sure you have the right equipment and that you use it right. I have never tried, but something tells me its not fun to fall down 10-15 meters…. And i have to admit i would not have climbed to the top of this wall if i was not protected by a rope!

ImageClimbing might look easy, but its actually really hard! The first times you go, your hands and legs get really tired and they start to shake. An important thing we learned is that a lot of people climb with their hands and get really tired, but the trick is to use the force in your feat! Even dough i know this….. i still try to climb with my hands, but i guess i will learn eventually. Another thing that is funny is the shoes. Apparently they are suppose to be as small as possible. These are not exactly normal shoes. The shoes are formed in a way that bends your toe forward so that you can grip the smaller rocks/gaps. The women who soled me my shoes, told me when she bought here shoes it hurt so bad that she cried the first 10 times, and that when you are on the ground you take them of because it hurts (I was always wondering why there were so many people standing around barefoot when they could have shoos on, but little did i know that i was the wired one who keept them on).

Anyway, Climbing is a great activity that you can spend with friends and family. I am really glad i took this course and i am looking forward to improving my climbing skills (hopefully i will get better some day). If you have any good advice’s or tips, please help me out and leave a comment 🙂   

So, if you are looking for some new activities for 2013, i would suggest learning how to climb! 

Have a great night! 

Bring it on 2013!!

First of all i would like to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU, and good luck in 2013!

Did you have fun last night? Last night i ate turkey with my mum and my grandmother, which means we were actually 3 generations together. It was kinda nice, I got to talk to my grandmother about how she used to celebrate new years eve when she was little. She is now 88, so i guess she has some stories to tell. The turkey was perfect, so i can say that “The last meal” was successful.

After watching the kings speech, a friend of mine and i decided to play “the lost diamond” (den forsvunne diamanten). Unfortunately he had more “luck” than me, so he won 2-1 (I would like to say i let him win, but i guess its not a good idea to start 2013 with a lie). After loosing the game by “small margins” I needed something sweet, so we decided to tear down the gingerbread house! I thought i was strong enough to break it with my hands (not a good idea) so i smashed my fist onto the roof. The house stood still as a rock, but my hand was damaged (there is actually a scar on my hand today, note to my self for next Christmas “think before you act”). So after we found something hard to break the house with, we could enjoy a few pieces of the walls and the roof (considering the size of the house and the pieces left today, i can say that i deff ate to much gingerbread last night).

Do you have many traditions on new years eve? I don’t really have many tradition on new years eve, but i guess there is one that i have done all my life. When the clock gets closer to 00.00 we always go out side to watch the fire works. Fireworks are fun to watch and i kinda feel like a little kid, lighting up when i see the different colors on the sky. Its fun to think about at all the different cultures and the different traditions that people have. Did you know that in Spain, many people eat 12 grapes counting down til 00.00? I think they have to put one grape in the mouth every second until the clock hits 00.00. Do you have or know about some special new years eve traditions? If you know a special tradition that is suppose to give good luck, please write it here as a comment. I would love to try something new next new years eve.

New Year’s resolutions? Did you make any? We always say we will eat less and train more, and yeh, we do…………..! For like the first month………….. and then we slowly fall off. I think that this year my new years resolution will be to spread more joy, and be thankful for all the things i have and enjoy life and try not to be so worried about everything (Lets see how long i can keep this one). 

So… 2012 is over and 2013 has just started! Some people say 2013 is going to be awesome, others say its going to be bad. Do you think 13 is a lucky number or a bad number? No matter what people say, a new year is always a year with new opportunities. A new year is in total 365 days, which means that you can wake up 365 days and have 365 new opportunities. Even if you have 65 bad days, you can still have 300 good once!

A new year gives you an opportunity to start something new. You can forget the old year and only concentrate on the new! We can always start something new, but when there is a new year, it gives you and extra kick and some extra energy. Unless you can predict the future, you never know what will happen, and that is some of the excitement of living everyday! 

So, if you are still there, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOOD LUCK IN 2013!

Bring it on 2013! 

The year of 2012……

The year of 2012 is getting closer to an end, and another year of my life has been written. People say that you write your own book, but sometimes i feel that someone else wrote it, and that i just read it.

So since i said i was going to try to write some more on my blog, this gives me a good opportunity to write a “quick” post about 2012. For those of you that know me, this post may be a little boring, or maybe not, if you find out i have done many things that i did not tell you,,, (maybe you are not as close a friend as you first though). Any way to all you people who read, i mean my family members and friends who read it to be nice……Enjoy!

I started the year with a trip to visit some friends in Barcelona. Little did i know that this trip would have an innpact on the next 8-9 months of my life! Everything was going great, and we were out side in the streets watching a Christmas parade with the 3 kings. So, you know me, i always got some “good” ideas of what to do. So, i told my friend to sit on my shoulders  to see over the crowd, and to take some good photos. At first this seemed like an excellent idea and it was a good one until i had to put here back on the ground. It all went really fast, and when i sat down to let here off, we feel forward. My shoes were stuck on the ground and all my weight was put on my little toe. I have to admit it hurt like h***, but i pretended to be tough and said, its ok, i’l be fine… A few minuts later it started hurting more. So i told my friends maybe we should go back to the apartment and put some ice on or something. When we came to the apartment, it had already grown a few sizes but i could walk with a limp (trying to be cool). So, we iced it a little bit and went clubbing (not a smart idea). I tried to make some dance moves with a one foot twist, but i am not a good dancer so i am guessing it looked even worse on one foot. The next day, my little toe was bigger than the big toe, and it was blue and purple…. So we decided to go to the ER. After 3-4 hours of waiting, it turned out i had a fracture and had to tape the toe and sit still for about 3-4 weeks. “GREAT NEWS” when i had just arrived in Barcelona and was going to stay there for about 10 days! Any way, the rest of the trip was awesome, I did not Exactly sit still, but it was deff worth it! (had i known what would happen later, maybe i would have listened more to the nurse). Any way, we did get some good pictures 🙂

barcelona 2012 049

So, before i knew it i was back on the school bench ready for another semester at the University of Oslo. There was a lot to do, but it was pretty interesting. In on of the subjects (psy) i ended up writing about a a kids fairy tale named “the three billy goats gruff” (De 3 bukkene bruse). I looked at one of the original versions and one of the modern versions and compared the language and the use of special words in the two books. Not to brag, but i actually got a B on this assignment so i was pretty proud of my self (especially since i have dyslexia).

In February i also took a Climbing course at “Klatreverket” in oslo. My Mother gave me and my brothers a climbing courser as a Christmas gift so we were all there to “Try” to learn something. If you don’t know what to give your kids for Christmas next year, i would say that this was one of the best gifts i have ever had. Its fun, you can gather the whole family, its and activity, and you learn something! It’s kinda like a Kinder egg. So, even tough i probably should not have taken this course considering my toe, i went, had a blast and past the security test!

klatreverket 094 klatreverket 235

In April a lot of things happened and  my grandfather past away. (R.I.P Grandpa). He actually turned 91, and lived a long interesting life. It was a nice funeral and it was good to hear about all the things he had done in his life and it made me think about my life. It made me think about the things i want to do in my life, and what i can look back at when i am old and gray.

In may, my toe was not really any better, so i decided it was about time to go see the doctor again…. it turned out that the toe was still broke/fractured, and that it had not grown back together! So they told me to sit completely still for 4 weeks and not do anything (Easy for them to say). Luckily i had exams at this time, so i was actually sitting still (atleast more than normal).  So in June i went back for some new photos, and it turned out it had not changed much, but after talking a long time, we agreed to wait another 4 weeks to see, because some of the swelling had gone down. Finaly in August i took another photo, and it seemed like the toe had started to grow! So by the end of August, beginning of September i could start to do some small activities again! 8-9 months with a broken/fractured toe was not really funnnn…. so if i had known that i would have been more careful in february, mars and april!

During the summer i worked a little bit at Elixia and relaxed with my friends and family. In August it was back to the school bench at the University. This was going to be my 3 semester at the University, and i was looking forward to learning something new. Right at the beginning there was a lot to do and we had to write some complicated assignments. There was a lot of stress and it truly affected me. I started to become really worried about the school work and i could feel the stress. After having a broken/fractured toe for 8 months and not getting to work out like i usually do it was hard not to have the same good balance. I think that for me (and for many other people) its really important to stay active and exercise to keep the stress down and to have a good health. Any way, because of all the school work, this semester was really stressful and i did not really do anything adventurous and fun, I was more worried about school work than having fun. Even though it was not a fun semester i passed all my Exams  and learned a lot, which made me truly happy! This semester has been one of the most demanding in my life i think, but looking back at it now, i have learned a lot about life that i hope will make me grow (hopefully to a become a better/stronger person).

After i finished my Exams i was really ready to relax and get the true Christmas spirit! I must admit that I love this time of the year. Not because of the fancy gifts, but because of the time i get to spend with my family and my friends (yeh right…. thats what they all say…). Believe it or not but, this year i made a gingerbread house with my mum, we made cacao and watched christmas movies, i made a snow cave with my brother, i went sleeding with my friends, i went cross cuntry skiing with my family, and i ate a toons of good food everyday! For me that is almost a better gift than some of the gifts under the Christmastree. Many people are all alone on Christmas, or have bad memories from their childhood, so i am really glad for all the good memories i have from this Christmas and the once before.

jula1 040

So, the year is coming to and end, and there is just a few days left of 2012. To be honest 2012 has had some positive moments and some really hard and sad once. But i guess that is how we learn….

This is of course not all the things that has happened in my life this year, but its a quick update. I am sure i have forgotten a lot of things but this was suppose to be a quick blog and i see that its not really a quick one any more……..  Here are some things that also happened that i did not talk about.. A really good friend of mine from Barcelona came to Norway in Mars to learn Norwegian and to try to get a job here, i went to the end of the World (verdens ende), i went go carting, I started painting,  i went on a cabbin trip with some really good friends, I went to sweeden, i tried snowboard again after 10 years, i meet some cool people (some of you know who you are), I meet my brothers wife’s family from Ukraine  +++++ And i built many Snowmen! .jul og ski2 018

This is starting to become a lot longer than what i had planed. Maybe its time to say enough is enough, and start thinking about all the things that can happen in 2013!! You never know what will happen and a new year gives you a whole year of new opportunities.

If there is any one left reading now at the end, i hope you had/have a wonderful Christmas and that you Enjoy the last days of 2012!! Make sure you Enjoy them now, because they will never come back! 😉


Long time no see….

You know it’s been a long time, when your last post on your blog is more than a year told!

So…………….. This is just a test, to see if i still know how to wirte.

Since i am able to read the lines above, i am guessing i am still good to go.

The last year has been quite a year, so i guess i have a lot to tell. I just need to find the right words……..


If there is some one out there who actualy happens to read this, i am trully sorry it was not a good post or a good history and that i may have wasted your time 😉





Free will, or just an “illusion”?

Do you ever wonder about the choices you make/made? Did you know what to do, how did you find out? did you have another option?
According to the British philosopher Martin Hollis book ” Models of Man” there are to main based theories about the human, depending on whether the human nature is perceived as passive or active.  If the Human nature is passive, the persons actions tendencies is controlled characterized and formed by the congenital biological or psychological factors, or by environmental impact. On the other hand if the human is perceived as active, they assume that by the help of their own sense, and their own initiative, they have the ability to control their congenital and social delivered inclinations (Hollis 1977).
If we look at how he explain the passive human it gives us the though that we don’d decide what we do.  It shows that to understand the human, you have to look at the society where it belongs. The society you grow up in gives you a certain way of living, it gives you the first norm’s and values that you learn to understand, they are printed in your head from your birth.  Even dough we think and feel like free human beings, maybe its just an illusion? Maybe we don’t make our own decisions, maybe they are already put out for us. It could be that some of the choices we perceive to be free, actually are decided by prior biological, psychological or social causes. Even movies like the Matrix, make us wonder about the world and how it exists, and there is especially one thing i remember. I will always remember when the old lady says something to Neo about breaking the vase, and right after he breaks it. Then she says something similar to, did you break it because i told you about it, or because it was already determined to happen? When you were young and went to the store to by clothes, did you by the jeans you wanted, or the jeans that everybody had? When the miss sixty jeans came or the dr martins, did you ever think about why you bought it? Look at the society today, do you walk around how you want, or how the society wants? Do you wear clothes because you decided to, or because it would be wired if you decided to go nude?  If you look at the human being as a passive creature, it means that our actions not derive from personal priorities, but from the environment and society you are a part of.
Another person that also make you wonder about this is Emile Durkheim.  He has a famous study about suicides. Normally we think of suicides as something individual and something that uttermost is personal, and something you decide on your own. When you read Emile Durkheim’s work you start wondering if this is actually true. In his study he looks at how the integration of the people in the society affects the suicide rates. Why do people commit suicides? How much impact did the society have on this decision? Why do some countries have higher suicides rates than others if its all personal?
So, now you can really wonder, do you make your own choices or not? If you decide to behave a certain way, maybe it was already determined by your biological factors that you would do this.
Well this is of course pulled to the utter limit and can not be looked upon as totally true, but it gives you an idea, that somethings are not always what you perceive them to be, and sometimes you think you have the ability to choose when in your nature there is no choice.
So do we have free Will at all times or maybe just sometime, or is it just and Illusion?


Crazy? Yes. Funny? Yes. A little wild? Yes. Good Experience? Yes.

I Saw “Yes Man” with Jim Carry last year and it actually gave me heads up for life. You only have as much fun as you want, desire and seek, you decide what you want to do. I don’t know how you are, but I am always open for something new, different and exciting, no matter what time it is. Yes, I am crazy and sometimes wild, but in return I have fun and I get a whole lot of extremely cool experiences.

The reason to why I named this post “Impulsive” is because i just did an impulsive act. I love the adrenaline and the kick of doing something that is not expected. This Morning I woke up, and looked up some tickets on the internet from Oslo to Barcelona. A few days ago we had just gotten the message that we did not have class the following Monday, so I figured why not see if i could leave tomorrow and stay til Monday! And Guess what? It turns out I COULD! So, I made some calls and had a bus driver bring my Passport from my local city to the Capitol, and before I knew it i had bought air plane tickets to Barcelona for the next day!  A little stress, getting all the things together, still have to print out the boarding tickets, but so far so good! If everything goes as planed I should be in Barcelona tomorrow night at 23:45. For me, the ability to be impulsive is a big deal, it gives me a good feeling, and a great pleasure of life.  Are you Impulsive? Do you plan your summer trips half a year ahead? Do you make monthly and weekly dates? or do you take the day as it comes?

Worried? What about school? What about money? what about family? what about………………. you will always find something to make you wanna stay at home….. In my case, school has not really started yet(Better to go now than in 3-4 weeks), I worked my ass off last year so I had some extra money( not really, more thanks to Ryan-air that is super cheap) and  last but not least, my mum and dad are just like me so they understand why I am going 😉

Well, tomorrow I am going to Barcelona, and I am sure I will have a great time! 🙂

Enjoy and have some fun the next few days, I KNOW I WILL!

Kristi 😉

“Back to School”

I guess I am not “To Cool for School yet”. Last Monday we had our first meeting at the University of Oslo, following a week filled with School parties, the well known “fadderuka”. If you dont allready know, I am starting a bachelor at the University in Culture and Communication. This is a degree with 4 main topics; sociology, socialanthropologi, pshycologi and communication. Since I could not settle down with one, i figured what the heack, why not take all 4!

I have always liked to study people, and I think this will be perfect! I guess you are not supose to tell people that you like to observe them, but I do. I find people interesting. Why do you think the way you do? What makes you act the way you do? Why do you have your values? What is norms and culture to you? What gives you Energy? We are all so different, but at the same time, we are so much alike! What makes YOU, you?

Well, I got my own room in a little apartment in Oslo, So far so good! I am now a so called city girl. I am really excited about starting at the University. I have to admit I am scared. Making new friends, beeing excepted, trying to be smart, putting of time to read, passing classes and beeing social, and ofcourse having time to exercise! LIFE IS EXCITING!

Well, I guess this was a short update, and hopefully i’l get back to writting again.

What Could happend today?

Kristi 😉



“Thanks for a Great Adventure Barcelona”

I could not sleep. I was staring out in the dark, waiting for the alarm clock to go off. It was sunday morning and my last day in Barcelona. I was laying in bed thinking about how you start a new adventure, and how they all unfortunately come to an end. I started my adventure in Barcelona 27 of February, and today 26 of June, this adventure has come to the end.

I wanted to go to Barcelona to learn spanish, meet new people, learn about culture, explore the city and overall have a great experience that would make me grow as a person. I left the country hoping for a valuable experience that I would never forget. When you start a new adventure, you never know whats coming. I don’t know about you, but for me some of the joy in the adventure, is not knowing what will happen. When you wake up, you can ask yourself  “What could possibly happen today?”.


During my time here in Barcelona I have met some wonderful people, I have seen things I thought was illegal, I have learned some more spanish, I was offered “space Cockies”, I saw the police shoot air bullets and I have done things I never thought I would do.  The last 4 months that I have spent here has been a great adventure and I am thankful for all the things that has made me grow.  I have to admit that I fell in love with Barcelona, the city itself is wonderful. Coming from a small farm going to the big city, I fell in love with the freedom and the liberty of being able to “go wherever, when ever”.

Meeting new people and making new friends is always a great adventure, the only problem is when you are going back home. I was so lucky to meet some truly wonderful people during my stay in Barcelona. I am so thankful for the people who entered my life, but it also makes the end more difficult. It’s hard to leave someone not knowing when you will se them again, especially if you are good friends. people always complain about Facebook but one thing is sure! Thanks to Facebook it’s so much easier to keep contact with new friends, and if you miss them you can just look at their pictures. You know who you are, and I just wanted you to know that because of you guys, my last few months in Barcelona became a wonderful experience that I will never forget!  And…………………………………..Just so you know, don’t worry, I will come back and visit!!  Miss you guys allready……………….

Now I am back in Norway, thinking about what I learned and how fast 4 months go by! It’s still a little wired to think that I have lived 4 months in Barcelona, so I guess I just need to give it some time. I really liked Barcelona so there is a big change I will come back to study or to work. “Time Will show”

Now I have to plan a new Adventure! If you have any good ideas, let me know 🙂


Kristi   ( Thanks for everything Barcelona! You have changed me for ever, you made me grow! )

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