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Imagination                                                         Fantasi

creative thoughts                                               kreative tanker

     a huge leap                                                   et stort sprang

nothing can stop you!                                 Ingenting kan stoppe deg!

Imagination                                                                Fantasi


Long/Short Funny/Smart Romantic/Dramatic?

Sounds like I am looking for a partner, when I am just trying to get used to blogging. Since this is a new thing for me,  I will have to try out different ways of writing to find the best way because “If I dont try, I will never fly”. From my own experience i know that its hard to capture someones attention with reading material, unless there is huge pictures of naked people or funny cartoons. You always hear about books that are, to long, boring,  confusing or in another way, just not meant to be read by normal people. So, how do you make sure that what you write will be of some interest to others? 

First of all i guess that if you write to long people will get bored, and if you write to short people will lose interest. But on the other hand, if you are a really good writer, people will not care if its long, because they will want more. You know how it is when you read a really good book or se a good movie, you just dont want it to end. For some people it might be a sex cine and for others it might be a shooting spree, but at least it caught your attention!

If you read a cartoon, i assume that you have expectations about it and that you think it will be funny, if not, why would you read it? On the other hand, if you read illustrated Science, you are probably going for something smart. If you were to look in Science books for some facts, and all you could find was jokes, you would probably be a little confused. So, when you are writing or reading a blog, what are you looking for? Something funny or something smart? or perhaps both?

When writing a blog, you have the opportunity to write personal and private stories about your life. These stories are true, and they are written by normal people all over the world and not by some professional journalist or author. These unprofessional stories are for some people easier to relate to, because you know they are written by some one just like you and in my case they are written by me (I am just one of you guys).  Some people are very romantic and others are not, some prefer to make love in front of the fire place, while others would rather do it in the front seat (and yes, that could also be romantic). When you talk about drama, it normally indicates something sad. If you can write something and make the reader cry, you’r either and amazing writer or your life is just messed up. So, as you can se its hard to choose what to write and how to write it.

Through my writting I will try to touch all these categories with different topics, maybe i will even write fiction for you. In the begginning it might be boring or to long but hang in there and I will try to improve, let me fall so that i can rais to a higher level!


Welcome to kristi’s Adventure!

For a long time now, i have been wondering about starting my own blog. My whole family and some of my friends have been on my neck the last year about how slow i am and that i need to get my own blog, they say “you have to keep up with the rest of the world”. I have always found a certain joy in writing, but i never thought that other people would like to read about what i do, how i think, and what i have experienced. Finnaly i decided that when i get a new computer i would also start my own blog, as you can se this must mean that i have gotten a new computer. So, here i am, sitting with a brand new ACER AS5820TG in my lap starting my first BLOG! I must admit i am a little nervous and a little anxious about how this will go. It’s scary to think that i will share my thoughts and experiences with random people that i dont know, but at the same time its good to know that maybe it will inspire or help others. I have not really satt any standards for what i will write about or how i will write, but i know that if i can write half of the things i have on my mind there will be something here for you to read.

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