About me

What do you write when you are asked to write about your self? do you write what you think you are and what you want to be, or do you actually put down the truth about who you are and how other people perceive you?

I have been sitting here for a while now, trying to figure out the best way to write about my self, so that you can understand where i am coming from and who I am.  After a while i came to the conclusion that i would use the Coloursystem from SGL(Samspill, Gruppevekst og Lederutvikling). This system includes 4 coloures that explains different areas of you; Blue(Facts), Red(Personal feelings used in relations), Yellow(The private and emotional)  and Purple(Symbols). I will use these 4 colours to explain a little bit about my self and my history.

Blue:  I was born and raised on a small farm in Norway, outside a little town called Hønefoss. The farm was not a regular farm,  it was more like a bussfarm. We would have fields to plough and busses to clean. I always grew up considering my self to be a lucky kid, because i had such a huge area to play on compared to classmates who lived in apartments or small neighbourhoods. We would always gather at my house and play in the barn or in the woods, making cabins or jumping in the grain.

If you have not noticed by now, i also have dyslexia, which explains some of my spelling mistakes. Even dough i had problems with spelling in school, i still made it through pretty good. My parents got divorced when i was about 15, so i also classify in the group of children with divorced parents. Growing up i was a very active child, i played; football, handball, athletics, gymnastics, taekwondo and my favorite sport basketball. I was not the best in writing and reading, but it sure helped me a lot that i was good in sports to get through lower and upper secondary school.

because of my love for basketball, i always wanted to go the USA ( The land of basketball) as a kidd. So when i turned 17 i had decided to be an exchange student  and study abroad in the USA for 1 year. Considering i am writing in my second language with dyslexia i think i am doing pretty good. From there on i went home to  finnish my mandatory schooling. I finished my “Studiekompetangse” at WANG topp Athletic school in Oslo(Capitol of Norway).

After finishing my diploma i went back to the USA pursuing to play basketball and get me a Bachelor degree. At first i went to a Southern Baptist Christian college on a full ride for playing basketball in Missouri. This was a great experience, but it was not fitt for me.  Therefor i decided to change schools and i ended up at a Community college in Illinois. This was a much more Liberal College and after 1 year i finished with an Associate degree in Liberal Arts, half way to a bachelor. The change of these two schools, made a huge impact on me. Going from people praying to people making blunts and smoking weed, and all the things that happened that year made me a little tired and i decided to go home to Norway.

I went home thinking that i wanted to work, save up some money and travel a little bit. I actually ended up working at the same high school i went to as an assisten teacher helping some kids. That year i went to Colombia for 2 months to learn some spanish and salsa. The following year i took a one year study of “Development Studies” at a College in Oslo, and we went 6 weeks to India where we did our field Study about female children in India.  When i came home i was not sure what i wanted to study next, but i figured that no matter what you are doing Economy will always come handy. So i signed up and took a one year study of general economics at a college in my town(Hønefoss). That was 2009-2010. The fall off 2010 i started working to save up money to go to spain! The spring off 2011 i went to Barcelona for 4 months! Great Experience!

Red: I am outgoing and i have lots of energy, i like to be around people in big groups or just one on one. I like to be active and i am always up for something new. Sports have always been a huge part of my life and i think that it always will be. Trying new things gives me a kick and a feeling i can not live without. I am always very positive and i am generally interested in other people. A lot of times i talk to much and to fast, but it’s not to be mean, it’s just because i get really excited. Excitement and joy is something i can not live without, i wake up every morning wondering about what will happen today.

Yellow: I am a very sensitive person and i have been hurt many times, both at school and with basketball.  My experiences from traveling around in the world gives me a greater view and perspective on certain things. I have experienced many different cultures, and different behaviors in human beings and it has given me a more open mind than what i had before.  I have met a lot of resistance but i always try to be strong and i try to se the positive outcome of all the situations. I have learned that no matter if the situation is good or bad, you are one experience richer, that will be to your advantage later on. So i am always looking for new adventures and new experiences that will make me a more experienced and wiser person.

Purple: My purple side, is a big whole, this is the side of me that i know the least about. Maybe the side that i need to get in touch with.


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