Crazy? Yes. Funny? Yes. A little wild? Yes. Good Experience? Yes.

I Saw “Yes Man” with Jim Carry last year and it actually gave me heads up for life. You only have as much fun as you want, desire and seek, you decide what you want to do. I don’t know how you are, but I am always open for something new, different and exciting, no matter what time it is. Yes, I am crazy and sometimes wild, but in return I have fun and I get a whole lot of extremely cool experiences.

The reason to why I named this post “Impulsive” is because i just did an impulsive act. I love the adrenaline and the kick of doing something that is not expected. This Morning I woke up, and looked up some tickets on the internet from Oslo to Barcelona. A few days ago we had just gotten the message that we did not have class the following Monday, so I figured why not see if i could leave tomorrow and stay til Monday! And Guess what? It turns out I COULD! So, I made some calls and had a bus driver bring my Passport from my local city to the Capitol, and before I knew it i had bought air plane tickets to Barcelona for the next day!  A little stress, getting all the things together, still have to print out the boarding tickets, but so far so good! If everything goes as planed I should be in Barcelona tomorrow night at 23:45. For me, the ability to be impulsive is a big deal, it gives me a good feeling, and a great pleasure of life.  Are you Impulsive? Do you plan your summer trips half a year ahead? Do you make monthly and weekly dates? or do you take the day as it comes?

Worried? What about school? What about money? what about family? what about………………. you will always find something to make you wanna stay at home….. In my case, school has not really started yet(Better to go now than in 3-4 weeks), I worked my ass off last year so I had some extra money( not really, more thanks to Ryan-air that is super cheap) and  last but not least, my mum and dad are just like me so they understand why I am going 😉

Well, tomorrow I am going to Barcelona, and I am sure I will have a great time! 🙂

Enjoy and have some fun the next few days, I KNOW I WILL!

Kristi 😉


“Back to School”

I guess I am not “To Cool for School yet”. Last Monday we had our first meeting at the University of Oslo, following a week filled with School parties, the well known “fadderuka”. If you dont allready know, I am starting a bachelor at the University in Culture and Communication. This is a degree with 4 main topics; sociology, socialanthropologi, pshycologi and communication. Since I could not settle down with one, i figured what the heack, why not take all 4!

I have always liked to study people, and I think this will be perfect! I guess you are not supose to tell people that you like to observe them, but I do. I find people interesting. Why do you think the way you do? What makes you act the way you do? Why do you have your values? What is norms and culture to you? What gives you Energy? We are all so different, but at the same time, we are so much alike! What makes YOU, you?

Well, I got my own room in a little apartment in Oslo, So far so good! I am now a so called city girl. I am really excited about starting at the University. I have to admit I am scared. Making new friends, beeing excepted, trying to be smart, putting of time to read, passing classes and beeing social, and ofcourse having time to exercise! LIFE IS EXCITING!

Well, I guess this was a short update, and hopefully i’l get back to writting again.

What Could happend today?

Kristi 😉



“Thanks for a Great Adventure Barcelona”

I could not sleep. I was staring out in the dark, waiting for the alarm clock to go off. It was sunday morning and my last day in Barcelona. I was laying in bed thinking about how you start a new adventure, and how they all unfortunately come to an end. I started my adventure in Barcelona 27 of February, and today 26 of June, this adventure has come to the end.

I wanted to go to Barcelona to learn spanish, meet new people, learn about culture, explore the city and overall have a great experience that would make me grow as a person. I left the country hoping for a valuable experience that I would never forget. When you start a new adventure, you never know whats coming. I don’t know about you, but for me some of the joy in the adventure, is not knowing what will happen. When you wake up, you can ask yourself  “What could possibly happen today?”.


During my time here in Barcelona I have met some wonderful people, I have seen things I thought was illegal, I have learned some more spanish, I was offered “space Cockies”, I saw the police shoot air bullets and I have done things I never thought I would do.  The last 4 months that I have spent here has been a great adventure and I am thankful for all the things that has made me grow.  I have to admit that I fell in love with Barcelona, the city itself is wonderful. Coming from a small farm going to the big city, I fell in love with the freedom and the liberty of being able to “go wherever, when ever”.

Meeting new people and making new friends is always a great adventure, the only problem is when you are going back home. I was so lucky to meet some truly wonderful people during my stay in Barcelona. I am so thankful for the people who entered my life, but it also makes the end more difficult. It’s hard to leave someone not knowing when you will se them again, especially if you are good friends. people always complain about Facebook but one thing is sure! Thanks to Facebook it’s so much easier to keep contact with new friends, and if you miss them you can just look at their pictures. You know who you are, and I just wanted you to know that because of you guys, my last few months in Barcelona became a wonderful experience that I will never forget!  And…………………………………..Just so you know, don’t worry, I will come back and visit!!  Miss you guys allready……………….

Now I am back in Norway, thinking about what I learned and how fast 4 months go by! It’s still a little wired to think that I have lived 4 months in Barcelona, so I guess I just need to give it some time. I really liked Barcelona so there is a big change I will come back to study or to work. “Time Will show”

Now I have to plan a new Adventure! If you have any good ideas, let me know 🙂


Kristi   ( Thanks for everything Barcelona! You have changed me for ever, you made me grow! )

“Stop complaining about what you don’t have, and start using what you HAVE”


Some people have no options, they take what ever they can find and make a living out of it. Did you ever stop and think, that your LAMP, could get you about 60€ a day?  When I saw this guy sitting in the street playing on his lamp, I was touched.  It gave me a great amount of inspiration. Life is a journey that is different for all of us, but in the end it all comes down to you. 

The last few weeks here in Barcelona has been a Blast!  I have met some new people, done things I did not think I would do and I have seen things I did not think was LEGAL!  ( No, I did not do anything criminal!).  The last few weeks I have gotten to know some really cool people that live here in Spain. Well technically two are Catalan, one is from Mexico and one is from Venezuela! I really like hanging out with them, they are super nice and I get to practise my spanish.  (Yes, i am saying they are nice because i know they read my blog, the truth is they are horrible!) 😉 “JEJE” Spanish way of saying Haha, because they don’t say H, but Their J is the Sound of H!!

The other day I actually caught my self in staring. I know, you are not supposed to stare at people, but some people are just so fascinating! I find the “Human being” very interesting and I am fascinated by different kinds of people!  The other day on the Metro there were an old couple with the exact same shoes, it was so cute.  Do you stare, and do you admit it?? 

After easter I have had a lot of visitors; Catherine and here boy friend, Synne and here cool friend Ruud, Kristina and here boyfriend Frank, and last but not least my Dad and his girlfriend.  We went to so many different places, we have drawn on tables, played pool, drank cheap beer, tanned at the beach, danced, ate Expensive food and all in all had fun!  I think I have said this before, but just so you know, BARCELONA  is GREAT! 

Tomorrow is the big DAY and Man U will play BARCA! Right now its all about the game, it’s the daily topic! Who will win, what do you think, who do you want to win +++++++ Time will show!

Until next time, Treat your self with life, do what you want to do!



Why is it that when you are suppose to study, there is always something special going on?

Today we went to the beach to study for a little bit. Going to the beach to study, is probably not the best idea, but we did actually study for a little bit. Well, Easter break and the beach did not help, and the game that was on tonight did not exactly help either! What can you do when Barcelona is playing Madrid! You don’t have a choice, you have to watch! Luckely Barcelona won! Thanks to Messi, they won 2-0. Right now i am in level b1, so we are learning all the different times. Spanish grammatic is a little different from norwegian and its hard to remember all the forms!  Here is an Example,

Comer/spise. Gerundio; Comiendo/spiser. Participio; Comido/spist

presente: Preterito imperfecto: Preterito Indefinido: Preterito Perfecto: Futuro: Imperativo (Afirmativo) (Negativo)

como               comia                           comi                                 he comido                 comeré                             come            no comas

comes              comias                         comiste                           has comido               comeras                         coma              no coma

come                comia                           comio                               ha comido                comera                                        

comemos        comiamos                  comimos                         hamos comido        comeremos

comeis             comiais                       comisteis                         habeis comido          comereis                      comed             no comais

comen            comian                         comieron                          han comido               comeran                       coman             no coman 

So, here I am, sitting with the book in my lap thinking about what I should have read. It’s actually a waste of time, because whats done is done,  it’s not like i can turn back time and start over again. I’m not to worried about tomorrow, if i pass that is good, if not i will just have to repeat the level and actually learn some of the grammatic.  Do you speak Spanish? Well if you do, maybe you can explain some of it in english to me 😉

Tomorrow, a friend of mine from Norway will come for a visit, so I am super excited to se here again!

Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!


I am Back!

After a week  home in Norway, It was about time to go back to spain. Since most of the european countries celebrate “easter” I was so “lucky” that I got to go home for a few days.  Do you celebrate “easter”? I have to admit that I am not a Christian. I grew up 10 meters from the church and my best friend was the son of the priest, but there was a saying that our dog, had been to the Sunday mass more than any of my family members had.  The worst part, is that it might be true!

Do you know why we celebrate easter? Easter is a Christian Holiday that most people celebrate even dough they are not christian’s. Some people don’t know and some people don’t even care, but they still take 4-5 days of from work because its “Easter”! Do we go to church and worship the man responsible for this holiday? No, we travel to the mountains and put on our new skies that we just bought. We don’t go to church to drink the so-called “altervine”, but we drink  the whole bottle of wine at home instead. What will happen if we take away easter?  The good thing about easter(except all the candy) is that everybody has the same day’s off, which gives us the opportunity to se friends and family. So, I guess even though I am not christian I am thankful for some of their holidays!

The first thing I had to do when I came back was to clean out my fridge! When something green starts growing on your tomatoes, it’s about time to throw them away. A friend of mine from Norway was actually here last night, so I spent most of the time with them. First we walked around down town Barcelona, and then I brought them to my area ” Gracia”.  We went to my favorite bar and had some Nostalgic moments.

Today I went with my Swedish friend to study some spanish at a bar. After about 2 hours of studying, we decided to go to IKEA! No, I am not kidding. IKEA is super popular here in Barcelona! I don’t know what’s up with these Swedish meatballs, but they make it everywhere! We walked around a little bit, and then we bought some “Kaviar” and “Knekkebrød”. Truly Scandinavian food!

Well, on Thursday I have a Spanish Exam and thanks to the lovely easter break I did not exactly study for it. Lets just say there were other things I had to do first.  Time goes by so fast, I can not really believe that I have already been here 7 weeks! Since I have been here so long, I only have 7 weeks left! Its kinda sad to think it will be over, but who know’s maybe i’ll stay longer!

Hope you all had a nice “Easter break”, I know I did!


“Things are not always what they seem to be in the first place”

You made me feel good, you noticed me,

 you told me I was pretty when I felt ugly. You told me I was uniq and

that I had a good heart. You gave me confidence and strength when I was weak.

You told me you cared. But……

Suddenly it all changed

Was everything a lie?

You disappeared from my life, you made me sad, you were a different person.

You did not care, you did not want to see me, I was not longer important, you were

always busy. I thought we were friends, but I guess I was wrong,

You took a piece of my heart, and left.

I will always remember, because I know where that piece is.  You changed my life for ever.

 “Things are not always what they seem to be in the first place



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