The year of 2012……

The year of 2012 is getting closer to an end, and another year of my life has been written. People say that you write your own book, but sometimes i feel that someone else wrote it, and that i just read it.

So since i said i was going to try to write some more on my blog, this gives me a good opportunity to write a “quick” post about 2012. For those of you that know me, this post may be a little boring, or maybe not, if you find out i have done many things that i did not tell you,,, (maybe you are not as close a friend as you first though). Any way to all you people who read, i mean my family members and friends who read it to be nice……Enjoy!

I started the year with a trip to visit some friends in Barcelona. Little did i know that this trip would have an innpact on the next 8-9 months of my life! Everything was going great, and we were out side in the streets watching a Christmas parade with the 3 kings. So, you know me, i always got some “good” ideas of what to do. So, i told my friend to sit on my shoulders  to see over the crowd, and to take some good photos. At first this seemed like an excellent idea and it was a good one until i had to put here back on the ground. It all went really fast, and when i sat down to let here off, we feel forward. My shoes were stuck on the ground and all my weight was put on my little toe. I have to admit it hurt like h***, but i pretended to be tough and said, its ok, i’l be fine… A few minuts later it started hurting more. So i told my friends maybe we should go back to the apartment and put some ice on or something. When we came to the apartment, it had already grown a few sizes but i could walk with a limp (trying to be cool). So, we iced it a little bit and went clubbing (not a smart idea). I tried to make some dance moves with a one foot twist, but i am not a good dancer so i am guessing it looked even worse on one foot. The next day, my little toe was bigger than the big toe, and it was blue and purple…. So we decided to go to the ER. After 3-4 hours of waiting, it turned out i had a fracture and had to tape the toe and sit still for about 3-4 weeks. “GREAT NEWS” when i had just arrived in Barcelona and was going to stay there for about 10 days! Any way, the rest of the trip was awesome, I did not Exactly sit still, but it was deff worth it! (had i known what would happen later, maybe i would have listened more to the nurse). Any way, we did get some good pictures 🙂

barcelona 2012 049

So, before i knew it i was back on the school bench ready for another semester at the University of Oslo. There was a lot to do, but it was pretty interesting. In on of the subjects (psy) i ended up writing about a a kids fairy tale named “the three billy goats gruff” (De 3 bukkene bruse). I looked at one of the original versions and one of the modern versions and compared the language and the use of special words in the two books. Not to brag, but i actually got a B on this assignment so i was pretty proud of my self (especially since i have dyslexia).

In February i also took a Climbing course at “Klatreverket” in oslo. My Mother gave me and my brothers a climbing courser as a Christmas gift so we were all there to “Try” to learn something. If you don’t know what to give your kids for Christmas next year, i would say that this was one of the best gifts i have ever had. Its fun, you can gather the whole family, its and activity, and you learn something! It’s kinda like a Kinder egg. So, even tough i probably should not have taken this course considering my toe, i went, had a blast and past the security test!

klatreverket 094 klatreverket 235

In April a lot of things happened and  my grandfather past away. (R.I.P Grandpa). He actually turned 91, and lived a long interesting life. It was a nice funeral and it was good to hear about all the things he had done in his life and it made me think about my life. It made me think about the things i want to do in my life, and what i can look back at when i am old and gray.

In may, my toe was not really any better, so i decided it was about time to go see the doctor again…. it turned out that the toe was still broke/fractured, and that it had not grown back together! So they told me to sit completely still for 4 weeks and not do anything (Easy for them to say). Luckily i had exams at this time, so i was actually sitting still (atleast more than normal).  So in June i went back for some new photos, and it turned out it had not changed much, but after talking a long time, we agreed to wait another 4 weeks to see, because some of the swelling had gone down. Finaly in August i took another photo, and it seemed like the toe had started to grow! So by the end of August, beginning of September i could start to do some small activities again! 8-9 months with a broken/fractured toe was not really funnnn…. so if i had known that i would have been more careful in february, mars and april!

During the summer i worked a little bit at Elixia and relaxed with my friends and family. In August it was back to the school bench at the University. This was going to be my 3 semester at the University, and i was looking forward to learning something new. Right at the beginning there was a lot to do and we had to write some complicated assignments. There was a lot of stress and it truly affected me. I started to become really worried about the school work and i could feel the stress. After having a broken/fractured toe for 8 months and not getting to work out like i usually do it was hard not to have the same good balance. I think that for me (and for many other people) its really important to stay active and exercise to keep the stress down and to have a good health. Any way, because of all the school work, this semester was really stressful and i did not really do anything adventurous and fun, I was more worried about school work than having fun. Even though it was not a fun semester i passed all my Exams  and learned a lot, which made me truly happy! This semester has been one of the most demanding in my life i think, but looking back at it now, i have learned a lot about life that i hope will make me grow (hopefully to a become a better/stronger person).

After i finished my Exams i was really ready to relax and get the true Christmas spirit! I must admit that I love this time of the year. Not because of the fancy gifts, but because of the time i get to spend with my family and my friends (yeh right…. thats what they all say…). Believe it or not but, this year i made a gingerbread house with my mum, we made cacao and watched christmas movies, i made a snow cave with my brother, i went sleeding with my friends, i went cross cuntry skiing with my family, and i ate a toons of good food everyday! For me that is almost a better gift than some of the gifts under the Christmastree. Many people are all alone on Christmas, or have bad memories from their childhood, so i am really glad for all the good memories i have from this Christmas and the once before.

jula1 040

So, the year is coming to and end, and there is just a few days left of 2012. To be honest 2012 has had some positive moments and some really hard and sad once. But i guess that is how we learn….

This is of course not all the things that has happened in my life this year, but its a quick update. I am sure i have forgotten a lot of things but this was suppose to be a quick blog and i see that its not really a quick one any more……..  Here are some things that also happened that i did not talk about.. A really good friend of mine from Barcelona came to Norway in Mars to learn Norwegian and to try to get a job here, i went to the end of the World (verdens ende), i went go carting, I started painting,  i went on a cabbin trip with some really good friends, I went to sweeden, i tried snowboard again after 10 years, i meet some cool people (some of you know who you are), I meet my brothers wife’s family from Ukraine  +++++ And i built many Snowmen! .jul og ski2 018

This is starting to become a lot longer than what i had planed. Maybe its time to say enough is enough, and start thinking about all the things that can happen in 2013!! You never know what will happen and a new year gives you a whole year of new opportunities.

If there is any one left reading now at the end, i hope you had/have a wonderful Christmas and that you Enjoy the last days of 2012!! Make sure you Enjoy them now, because they will never come back! 😉



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