Do you Climb?

Have you ever tried Climbing? Were you one of those who climbed all the trees you could see when you were little, or did you stay on the ground? (can you guess what i did?)

I don’t know about you, but when i was little i was technically all over the place. I would climb all the trees and probably all the big furniture’s i would get across. Most of the time it was really fun, until one day when i went climbing in the church yard close to my house.  We were out playing around trying to spend some energy (since i have a lot) when we decided to find some new trees. After looking for a long time i found a perfect tree ( Atleast what i thought was a perfect tree). I climbed really high and yelled at my friend to look at me…… When i suddenly lost my grip and slid down the tree trunk. It would have been fine, but there was a little branch sticking out, that scratched a whole in my clothes and marked my skin for life. Looks like i have been in a surgery, but all i did was climb a stupid tree. My friend went running for my mum, and she came and took us back to the house. After that i stayed on the ground for a little while before i went climbing again……..(but you know me, a little while is not really that long). Throughout my life, i have to admit i have broken a few branches, but i am still alive and so are the trees!

So finally as i have said earlier, last year i took a climbing course in Oslo. It was a 4 hour course to learn how to properly secure and some basic techniques on how to climb on a top rope. For those of you who know how to climb, you might now what it means, but for the rest of you, it just means that the rope is already put on the wall and attaches at the top. This means i can stop climbing trees, and start climbing walls in stead (It’s a lot safer, and there are no branches, so thanks for the hint mom….). 


I think the first time i went climbing was in the USA a long time ago. It was really fun the first time, and i always wanted to learn more but i never seemed to have time. So, when i got the course last year it was a perfect opportunity to get started. I have always been a active girl, and i like to try new things, so i was really excited about this. I have to admit that i like to climb as high as possible. It gives me a quick to climb to the top. I guess you are suppose to follow a certain pattern, but……. i’l start with that later.   

When you go climbing you have to make sure you have the right equipment and that you use it right. I have never tried, but something tells me its not fun to fall down 10-15 meters…. And i have to admit i would not have climbed to the top of this wall if i was not protected by a rope!

ImageClimbing might look easy, but its actually really hard! The first times you go, your hands and legs get really tired and they start to shake. An important thing we learned is that a lot of people climb with their hands and get really tired, but the trick is to use the force in your feat! Even dough i know this….. i still try to climb with my hands, but i guess i will learn eventually. Another thing that is funny is the shoes. Apparently they are suppose to be as small as possible. These are not exactly normal shoes. The shoes are formed in a way that bends your toe forward so that you can grip the smaller rocks/gaps. The women who soled me my shoes, told me when she bought here shoes it hurt so bad that she cried the first 10 times, and that when you are on the ground you take them of because it hurts (I was always wondering why there were so many people standing around barefoot when they could have shoos on, but little did i know that i was the wired one who keept them on).

Anyway, Climbing is a great activity that you can spend with friends and family. I am really glad i took this course and i am looking forward to improving my climbing skills (hopefully i will get better some day). If you have any good advice’s or tips, please help me out and leave a comment 🙂   

So, if you are looking for some new activities for 2013, i would suggest learning how to climb! 

Have a great night! 


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