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“A new FAIRYTALE (Barcelona)”

Finally I am here!

A few months ago, I decided it was about time I started a new fairytale “i’m in love with a fairytale” :). So, after a long discussion with myself I ended up with the thought that I would work my ass off and go to Barcelona to learn Spanish! So, Guess what? HERE  I AM!! Currently sitting in my new rom in a student apartment in Barcelona! Barcelona, a small city of about 4-5 million people, oh wait, that’s right, it’s almost the same as ALL OF NORWAY!

I got up this morning at like 2:30 to finish the packing. I can honestly say I did not sleep a whole lot! The last days that went by I spent with my friends and my family since I will not se them for 3 months 🙂 I guess that since I have lived 3 years in the states i am used to be apart from my family and friends, but the last few days are always a little sad, at least they were this time. Out side it was snowing and the wind was blowing! My mum had told me she could take me to the airport, and she consisted that we would leave early because the weather was so bad!  The roads were filed with snow so it was good that we had plenty of time.  I kept looking out of the window thinking, soon I will be in the sun feeling the warm weather, and not freeze my ass of in minus 20 C!  So to all you back home, people already were shorts here! 

I got on the plane and was heading to the great land called Spain! I had never been to Barcelona before so I was really excited. Thinking about the 3 hours long plane ride, Sleeping was my first thought. I thought I was being really smart when I choose my seat on the plane, but it turned out I choose the seat road before the exit DOORS! So, that means I could not lean my seat back!  So, I ended up with a stiff neck and hardly any sleep at all. I arrived in Barcelona at like 10:30, but there was a problem. I was not suppose to be at my apartment until 18.00! So I had some time to kill. I walked forth and back in the air port a little while, before i sat down and started looking at people who passed by. There are so many fascinating people our there!  At like 4 I decided to take a cab to the apartment and sit there and wait the rest of the time.

When I walked out side and stood in the line I already had a feeling it would be really funny. From the moment I sat down in the cab, we started talking spanish! I did not understand all of it(75% maybe) but he sure liked talking, so I smiled and said “SI CLARO”!  I arrived a little early and found out that my neighbour is no one else than MCDONALDS! So to kill some more time i sat there for a while. Then, finally what I had been waiting for the whole day! Walking up to the door, there was a girl asking me, “are you from the ABC college” And I was like yeh? Turned out she went there to and she lived in the apartment, so she let me in and showed me where my room was. My room is really tiny, but it has its charm. I have a desk, a bed and a wardrobe and that’s about it. All the people I have met so far are really nice and I look forward to get to know them. 

Well, this was a little update of the new fairytale and the beginning of many new posts from Spain!

Oh yeh, of course I am a little ashamed of my self, but I have to admit that we ate dinner at mcdonalds. Some of you are probably going yeh, whats wrong with that?? but those of you that know me, know what I am talking about!

Tomorrow morning i start school! I have a test at 8:30 to define what course I should start in so I guess its time for bed. 4 hours of sleep in 3 days is not really something to brag about!

Good night,




Why em I so lucky on one hand, and  so UNlucky on the other hand!  What em I supose to Learn from this? What em I supose to do? I dont know the answer, and that bothers me!


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