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“Stop complaining about what you don’t have, and start using what you HAVE”


Some people have no options, they take what ever they can find and make a living out of it. Did you ever stop and think, that your LAMP, could get you about 60€ a day?  When I saw this guy sitting in the street playing on his lamp, I was touched.  It gave me a great amount of inspiration. Life is a journey that is different for all of us, but in the end it all comes down to you. 

The last few weeks here in Barcelona has been a Blast!  I have met some new people, done things I did not think I would do and I have seen things I did not think was LEGAL!  ( No, I did not do anything criminal!).  The last few weeks I have gotten to know some really cool people that live here in Spain. Well technically two are Catalan, one is from Mexico and one is from Venezuela! I really like hanging out with them, they are super nice and I get to practise my spanish.  (Yes, i am saying they are nice because i know they read my blog, the truth is they are horrible!) 😉 “JEJE” Spanish way of saying Haha, because they don’t say H, but Their J is the Sound of H!!

The other day I actually caught my self in staring. I know, you are not supposed to stare at people, but some people are just so fascinating! I find the “Human being” very interesting and I am fascinated by different kinds of people!  The other day on the Metro there were an old couple with the exact same shoes, it was so cute.  Do you stare, and do you admit it?? 

After easter I have had a lot of visitors; Catherine and here boy friend, Synne and here cool friend Ruud, Kristina and here boyfriend Frank, and last but not least my Dad and his girlfriend.  We went to so many different places, we have drawn on tables, played pool, drank cheap beer, tanned at the beach, danced, ate Expensive food and all in all had fun!  I think I have said this before, but just so you know, BARCELONA  is GREAT! 

Tomorrow is the big DAY and Man U will play BARCA! Right now its all about the game, it’s the daily topic! Who will win, what do you think, who do you want to win +++++++ Time will show!

Until next time, Treat your self with life, do what you want to do!



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