People = Family…Friends….Love?

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Do you like your family? Are you satisfied with your friends? What kinda people do you let in to your life? What kinda people would you like to meet? What kinda people do you want in your life?

In 2011 the worlds population was said to be around 7 billions. This has increased a huge amount considering that when i was born( and of course some of you) the worlds population was just under 5 billions. By only going about 100 years back in history they say (By they, i mean wikipedia: that the population was only about 1,6 billions!  You know, we say its hard to find good friends and hard to find the right Boyfriend/girlfriend, but imagine how it was back then! Technically we have 5.4 billion more people to choose from, and still we have some of the same problems!

We meet people on a regular basis everyday. When you walk out the front door, the opportunities of meeting someone new is quite big (Actually with today’s technology, you can meet people in your own couch or even in your bed!). Anyway, you meet people on the buss, when you work, when you shop, when you eat, when you train, when you walk, when you dance, or when you just stand a place waiting for some one else. The big questions is, who do you choose to talk to or interact with, or who chooses to talk to and interact with you?

I guess when it comes to family, they are suppose to be there for you, no matter what happens. And most people would say that you don’t choose your family, but is this true for everybody? Not everybody has a traditional family. Some people loose there parents, some people are sent away from their parents, some people adopt and some people are left all alone. So what do they call family? Maybe a step mom, maybe a uncle, maybe a close friend, or someone who stepped up and told you they were there for you no matter what… so, maybe we can choose a part of our family? Family by blood, or by commitment?

People come and go in your life all the time. Sometimes we meet people that we immediately get a long with, and other times we meet people that we at first not understand, but that later turns out to be one of your best friends. You know that feeling when you meet someone, and you can just talk and talk and talk and talk, (oh wait, maybe thats just me) and you feel that the other person understands you (or maybe you had to much alcohol). During my life i have meet some truly interesting people all over the world, but i have to admit that i have not been good at keeping them in my life. Good friends are hard to find, so if you already have some, make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them. I really appreciate my good friends, i know they are there for me, no matter what. Even dough we don’t talk or see eachother everyday, i know they are there. They are real.

What is love? Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? If you find a person that is perfect for you, then you kinda won the lottery, because when you are looking to find the “right one” among 7 billion people there is a big chance you will have to look for a long time (maybe even try a couple of different once, until you find what you are looking for). Maybe we are to picky, but we always seem to find something that we complain about (or maybe that’s just me…).

One thing is sure, that all the people you meet and let in to your life, teach you something. It can be positive or negative, but no matter what, you will learn something from it and it will make you grow. Life is complicated and you never know what will happen (unless you can see the future).

Who do you let in to your life? Maybe you don’t think about it, but your smile can change a lot.

Have a great day 🙂



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