Crazy? Yes. Funny? Yes. A little wild? Yes. Good Experience? Yes.

I Saw “Yes Man” with Jim Carry last year and it actually gave me heads up for life. You only have as much fun as you want, desire and seek, you decide what you want to do. I don’t know how you are, but I am always open for something new, different and exciting, no matter what time it is. Yes, I am crazy and sometimes wild, but in return I have fun and I get a whole lot of extremely cool experiences.

The reason to why I named this post “Impulsive” is because i just did an impulsive act. I love the adrenaline and the kick of doing something that is not expected. This Morning I woke up, and looked up some tickets on the internet from Oslo to Barcelona. A few days ago we had just gotten the message that we did not have class the following Monday, so I figured why not see if i could leave tomorrow and stay til Monday! And Guess what? It turns out I COULD! So, I made some calls and had a bus driver bring my Passport from my local city to the Capitol, and before I knew it i had bought air plane tickets to Barcelona for the next day!  A little stress, getting all the things together, still have to print out the boarding tickets, but so far so good! If everything goes as planed I should be in Barcelona tomorrow night at 23:45. For me, the ability to be impulsive is a big deal, it gives me a good feeling, and a great pleasure of life.  Are you Impulsive? Do you plan your summer trips half a year ahead? Do you make monthly and weekly dates? or do you take the day as it comes?

Worried? What about school? What about money? what about family? what about………………. you will always find something to make you wanna stay at home….. In my case, school has not really started yet(Better to go now than in 3-4 weeks), I worked my ass off last year so I had some extra money( not really, more thanks to Ryan-air that is super cheap) and  last but not least, my mum and dad are just like me so they understand why I am going 😉

Well, tomorrow I am going to Barcelona, and I am sure I will have a great time! 🙂

Enjoy and have some fun the next few days, I KNOW I WILL!

Kristi 😉


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