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It had been standing there for like 8 years, so we decided it was about time for a new change!  To get rid of the couch we first had to remove all the books inside it. This was a typical Old norwegian wooden couch and it was hard for my mum to let it go, that’s probably why it had been standing there for so long, with really no good function what so ever. Except  place consuming!  Do you get personal feelings for objects and things that you have good memories with? Do you like to throw away things or do you keep everything you get across? Some people like to collect things, that’s oki, as long as it’s not all over the front yard!

 So, we sat down and started digging. We decided to make a few different piles where we would put the books depending on if we wanted to keep them, give them to some one we knew, or to a school. Opening the couch and looking inside gave me a great feeling of nostalgia!

Here they were, all the books I had read 15-20 years ago! At first I was excited to se what I would remember. I lifted up one book that looked really familiar, and when I opened it, it all came back to me. I remember the pictures and the characters! Especially the monkey that was board and had to do everything that was wrong. Kinda like the troubled kidz in todays society! This book was called “Drodlene”(En dag på stranden/a day at the beach). They had funny names like, Flosel, Luffe, Lømle, Elefu, Apenose and Flagrebjørn! I guess like any other child book, this one also had a point to get a cross, that if you do bad things, in the end something bad will happened to you. So of course by the end of the book  the monkey had learned his lesson.

The next book I came across was “Beauty and the beast”! OH, how I remember all the furniture dancing around and talking! I actually used to think that the beast was a little scary, and all the furniture that were talking was fun but a little creepy. No wonder kids get scared at night, when we tell them that Te cups can talk and dance! Looking closer in to the Couch I also found “Pongo And Perdita”! The cutest book ever about dogs, and these are not regular dogs, they are extraordinary Dalmatians! This book, is about how they meet and how they get their owners to fall in love. I guess this is what started the idea about 101 Dalmatians! 

Then I Found “Dumbo” the elephant with the big ears, and “Mowgli” the kid that lives in the jungle! There are so many great children stories that bring back old memories, and how they tried to teach us right and wrong! I also found the book Called” The penguin that did not like the Cold”. This one is a little bit funny, and it shows you how a penguin leaves the antarctic traveling on a piece of ice with his igloo looking for varm weather. When he gets closer, it starts to melt and he ends up using a bath tub as his boat, until he finally reaches the white sandy beaches. Some other books I came a  crossed where “Todd and Copper”, “Aladdin” and “Donald Duck”.

Sitting here, looking at all these old children books, gives me a good feeling. They are cute,  funny and they have no harm what so ever. They are just children’s books, and that’s it.  They are filled with positive energy and joy.  Do you have a favorite book from when you were little?

My word for today must be that if you are feeling down, or a little sad, se if you can find some children’s books! Maybe you will feel better.



Cocktail party!

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What is a Cocktail? Do you drink them? The first time they have ever used or seen the word Cocktail, actually dates back to the “Farmers Cabinet” on April 28, 1803. They say that Cocktail, is a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters. They also said “drink a glass of cocktail, its excellent for the head” yeh, wonder where they got that idea! In 1917 the first Cocktail party was arranged in Missouri. They invited 50 guest to come on a Sunday at noon, the party lasted 1 hour and was finished before lunch at 1. I guess the drinking culture has changed a lot from that time. If you drink alcohol on Sunday’s before noon in todays society, you are either on a really good “Nash Spill” or you are an alcoholic!

Since we try to be respectable people in todays society we had planed to arrange a Cocktail party on a Saturday evening. And Whats not better than to say Fashionably late at like 8 o Clock. Which means that we arrived at like 8:20, no stress. We were about 8-9 girls that was planing to go to this event, so we had split up all the ingredients that we needed to make some of these exclusive drinks. Me and my friend was going to by the RUM, so I had to run down to the city in a hurry, because as we all know, the liquor store is not exactly open very long on SATURDAYS! Luckily I made it, and the rum was safe. The party was going to be held in my friends new apartment in Oslo, so I had arranged to sleep over at my friends place. Kinda Felt like we were in “friends”, we only missed 2 boys living across the hall with a duck and a “foosball table”! On the way in to Oslo I also promised my friend to Drop by IKEA to by Cocktail Glasses, because you can not have a Cocktail party without Cocktail glasses. IKEA is know for two things, good meat balls and cheap furniture, but they also have all this extra stash that can be practical, cool, and modern, and some times a total waste! But in this case, I am glad they had Cocktail glasses at 19.9,-kr a piece.

We started out making a Welcome Cocktail called the MILENIUM! It was pretty good and it had lots of red berry’s in it. The second drink we made, was “FROZEN MANGO”! This was actually one of my favorites during the evening. Then we made one called “Pink Mojitos” Which was also pretty good! The next drink on the list was “PIÑA COLADA”, this was probably the most popular drink of the night! Do you know what it means? we discussed the possibilities and we knew what PIÑA was but had no clue what Colada ment, and No, there is no “COLA” in it. PIÑA COLADA Means Pineapple and Strained. This drink is really sweet so we decided to make a fresh one and ended up with Lime Breez or something and that drink was a little to fresh for some of us 🙂 Then We made an old time classic, The “Strawberry Daiquiri” this is always a big hit and it was a nice finishing touch of the evening. So, all in all, we made 6 different cocktails and had a lovely evening.

At like 2.30 we decided to go home so we ended up calling a cab. We were all unaware of how expensive it was to take a cab in Oslo and we learned pretty quick that the next time, we will walk to the buss station and take the buss home! Instead of just opening a bear or a wine bottle, why not make a Cocktail? I have to admit you need a lot more stuff and its more expensive to make Cocktails, but its fun to do once in a while. During the 1960-70-and 80 Cocktails were not really that popular, but at the beginning of 2000 Cocktails had its comeback! So now they are back in business!

Have a good one

Looking back at “2010”

Its quiet, all I can hear is the fan from the computer. I am sitting here in a comfortable chair with my feet up high thinking about time.  Apparently “We can not Change time, But time changes everything” so whether you want it to or not, every second you breath, something change. 2010 went by really fast and came to an end just a few days ago, do you feel you achieved what you wanted to? When something ends, something new starts, and in this case that would be 2011!  Looking back at 2010, I must admit that the time in 2010 changed a lot for me. surprisingly I learned a lot more than what I thought.
Short, but long summary of 2010:
The first part of 2010 was pretty busy for me, I don’t know about you, but Playing Elite basketball, going to school, working at elixia, beeing the Head coach of a girls 96 team and the assistant coach on the Girls junior national team, is a lot to do! Oh I forgot, hanging out with friends, wait that’s not right, I didn’t! Most of my weekends I either had basketball games, basketball tryouts or I ran basketball practises. Beeing the assistant coach on the girls junior national team for basketball was a huge joy for me! I have always loved basketball and I probably always will. I got to learn so much from these young teenagers and it made me develop as a coach and a person. With this job I also went to Solna in Sweden for the Scandinavian Tournament. This was a great experience and it made me think of  the time when I was 15 sitting on the bench playing for Norway in the exact same tournament. Not much had changed, except I was no longer the nervous player on the bench wanting to play, I was now that person I used to be scared of. We also got to witness a spectacular game between Denmark and Sweden that will go down in history ( hehe at least for the people who was there). The Game ended up going to 5 overtimes which is rare in basketball and Denmark sent Sweden to the bronce final!! Which has not happened in many years!
As the head coach for my girls 96 team I also got the opportunity to go to Aarhus in Denmark for a tournament. We actually managed to get second place and we got to bring home a big trofy! When they are small, you say you play to have fun, but I am sorry I wanted THE trofy! We drove 28 Hours in a bus and slept 4 days on an air mattress in a class room, no way if I was going home empty-handed!! I was so proud of the girls during that tournament, they had passion, they had love for the game, and most importantly they had FUN! And they had candy, which seems to have an incredible effect on kids!  Kids eat it, and run around til they fall asleep. When adults eat it, its kinda like the opposite, they sit down and can’t get back up!
During all this time I managed to read a few minutes for my exams, so when they came around in Mai i actually passed with pretty good grades. I am not a straight A student, but more like C,B and some A’s on a good day(Specially if i have a lot of money). During spring, I also managed to hurt my hip at one of the basketball practises. This was about one week before our playoffs so I had no choice but to “drug up” and “TAKE IT LIKE A WOMAN”. We actually got 3 place in that Championship. We were done with School Mai 30th, so 1st of June we had a huge party in my “gapahuk” in the forest! This was a succesful event and may be done again in the future! By succesful I mean, people came and left alive. Some of us stayed until 4 in the morning so I guess they must have had a little fun.
About the same time, I was actually so lucky that I got Chosen as the Female coach from Norway, to represent Norway at the FIBA international girls under 15 camp in Slovenia! This was a huge honor for me and I am so thankful for that opportunity and experience. I really owe a huge thank you to a certain person that recommended me to the board, and I hope she understand how much I appreciated it. Thanks 🙂 This camp was held in june and we stayed in a city called “postojna” where they have postojna caves which are really famous! At this camp I meet players and coaches from all over Europe and we got to watch, learn and share experiences within basketball. In the evening we also got to share a few bar adventures, but that was of course not the main focus, at least not for the kids 😉 
In August, my oldest brother finally got his head together and got married to a wonderful girl. The wedding was very small, but uniq, romantic and wonderful. This was my first wedding in Norway! I don’t know what is going on with the wedding culture, but seems like fewer people are getting married now a days than before. Do you want to marry?  What do you think about people who get married and then get a divorce less than a year after?? I just sit here thinking, why the heck did you get married in the first place!
I am a little ashamed to say this, but for the first time ever this year I also went to se Geirangerfjorden! I have lived in Norway for 25 years and I had not went to se this amazing place, that is actually listed on the UNESCO’s ranking of World heritage! It’s strange to think that most of the time, you don’t seem to know what you have at home, but everybody probably know’s the “Eifeltower” or the “Statue of Liberty”, right? Now I can say, been there done THAT!
Well during the summer I still had no plans for what I was going to do, but I finally decided to work, save up some money and go to SPAIN to learn Spanish! So, I started working my ass off to save enough money for my new soon to be adventure in spain. 
In October i went on a Seminar to learn more about Groups, leaderships and Growth. It was a really amazing trip, the experience, the knowledge and the most important of all the interesting people I got to meet! We stayed at a cabin in the mountain close to a city called Gol. We did activities where we were blind folded and had to completely trust one another. This was a really interesting excercise to test your leadership abilities and qualities! We also drew pictures and described different thoughts within them, that surprisingly reflected you more than what you had thought.
 Then when December came around we went to Germany with my dads company and we got to experience Berlin and its wonderful Christmas markets! Especially the Cheap alcohol and the typical German Bratwurst!
During Christmas I made my own Fire in the snow and me and my friend made hot dogs! We brought our “snow racers” from Elementary school and went sledding for a few hours! You are never to old to play in the snow 🙂 Dont let the kid in you disappear!
This was as I said a very short, but at the same time, Long summary of 2010! There are so many good memories and so much more to write, but when the writer “my self” finds the text boring it’s about time to go to bed and  Shoot up. Looking back at 2010 I have many good memories. I just realized that I did a lot of different things in 2010 and I learned a lot from some of the people I meet! You have to remember that All experiences are good for learning, no matter if they at that time are good or bad.  2010 was an interesting year and I feel satisfied with what I achieved and its sad to think that is over. I am really thankful for all the great people I meet, and all the things that they thought me this year. Its fascinating to think about how different we are and why we act the way we do.  So looking back at 2010 makes me a wiser and more open-minded person.
Thanks for 2010, now

“Only 24 hours in a day”

First of all,  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A few days ago, a good friend of mine asked me, ” When are you going to write a new post on your blog?” And at that time I realized its been forever since I sat down and wrote something. I have to admit that when she told me she missed my blog it gave me a good feeling and it made me want to write more. So, Thank you 🙂 

I guess there are really no excuses, but In the beginning of november time went by so Fast! I Worked 200 hours and I only had 4 days of from work. I was actually announced “Employe of the month” At Klekken hotel, this really helped me get through some of the long days and it made me feel appreciated. At the end of December I was also asked to hold the “Thanks for the food speech”(takk for maten talen) at the last dinner with Klekken hotel in 2010 (Julebord). I was asked the evening before so I did not have much time to plan a good speech, but i found one good line that I used as a starter. “They say that a speech should be kinda like a dress. Long enough to cover the essential, but short enough to be interesting”.  At the same time I also started a new workout program where I exercised 6 days a week. I was really committed to this program and it was fun to se the changes. When I came home from work I went to exercise or I went straight to bed, so there was not much time left to hang out with friends or write on my blog, so yeh super “FUN” Not. God thing I know money always comes handy.  There were many things that I wanted to write about I just never found the time and the energy to put it into words.

Then before I knew it there were lights in the streets and christmas was just around the corner. We started playing christmas carols in the kindergarten and talked about the amazing Santa Claus!  Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were little? When did you find out he was not real? If you still believe in Santa Claus, I am terribly sorry you had to find out this way. I probably should have put up a warning sign, my bad!  Christmas is a special holiday, some people love it others hate it. For many people christmas is a time where you gather your close once and tell them you care. For some its a time where you sit at work or at home all by your self and got no place to go. We tend to forget that for some people christmas is not all presents and fun, for some it means they have to tell their kids they don’t get any presents because santa clause is broke.  personally, I like christmas. Not because of the expensive gifts, like the brand new ” BMW” I got or you know the new “Ipad”, but because of the Family dinner on christmas eve. Actually I didn’t exactly get a BMW or an Ipad, I got a “rumpebrett” and an “electrical toothbrush”  it’s almost the same, so who cares 😉  it’s the thought that counts right? yeh right, give me the BMW!  I am sorry to say this, but if you are on of those parents that by your kids brand new car’s for christmas, you truly don’t get the point of life!! I feel sorry for those people who complain about their gifts! My “rumpebrett” is awesome and it even says “only for girls” I love it 🙂 I have actually used it 3 times already. You can not by love, so i would have to say that its the thought that counts. So, since my parents are divorced we spent this christmas eve with my mum and here parents.  We ate, drank and sung christmas carols like nothing could stop us. My grandfather is 90 years old and he does not hear well, but when we sang he smiled and sang with us. Luckly we don’t have any neighbours, imagine 6 people screaming on the top of their lungs with no musical training what so ever.  We don’t care if its pretty or not we just sing because its fun.

Well christmas went by really fast and before I knew it I started working again 3 of January. I was actually so lucky that i got offered to work in the kindergarten all of January.   OH I almost forgot! Last week I finally applied for a school and an apartment in Barcelona, Spain! They have already excepted me so I am starting school the 28 of February! ( Is that a good or bad sign? are they really good and have good service or are they in desperat need of money??? hehe) 🙂 I am really excited about this experience!   I cant wait to se how the city is, how the spanish course is, meet new people and hopefully learn some spanish! If you throw in a few salsa moves and a few mojitos I get even more excited 🙂

Well I wish you all a Happy New year and the best of luck in 2010!! If you want to do something, get it done! Dont wait for it to happen, there is only 24 hours in a day!! Get the most out of it!

kristi 🙂

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