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Why is it that when you are suppose to study, there is always something special going on?

Today we went to the beach to study for a little bit. Going to the beach to study, is probably not the best idea, but we did actually study for a little bit. Well, Easter break and the beach did not help, and the game that was on tonight did not exactly help either! What can you do when Barcelona is playing Madrid! You don’t have a choice, you have to watch! Luckely Barcelona won! Thanks to Messi, they won 2-0. Right now i am in level b1, so we are learning all the different times. Spanish grammatic is a little different from norwegian and its hard to remember all the forms!  Here is an Example,

Comer/spise. Gerundio; Comiendo/spiser. Participio; Comido/spist

presente: Preterito imperfecto: Preterito Indefinido: Preterito Perfecto: Futuro: Imperativo (Afirmativo) (Negativo)

como               comia                           comi                                 he comido                 comeré                             come            no comas

comes              comias                         comiste                           has comido               comeras                         coma              no coma

come                comia                           comio                               ha comido                comera                                        

comemos        comiamos                  comimos                         hamos comido        comeremos

comeis             comiais                       comisteis                         habeis comido          comereis                      comed             no comais

comen            comian                         comieron                          han comido               comeran                       coman             no coman 

So, here I am, sitting with the book in my lap thinking about what I should have read. It’s actually a waste of time, because whats done is done,  it’s not like i can turn back time and start over again. I’m not to worried about tomorrow, if i pass that is good, if not i will just have to repeat the level and actually learn some of the grammatic.  Do you speak Spanish? Well if you do, maybe you can explain some of it in english to me 😉

Tomorrow, a friend of mine from Norway will come for a visit, so I am super excited to se here again!

Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!



I am Back!

After a week  home in Norway, It was about time to go back to spain. Since most of the european countries celebrate “easter” I was so “lucky” that I got to go home for a few days.  Do you celebrate “easter”? I have to admit that I am not a Christian. I grew up 10 meters from the church and my best friend was the son of the priest, but there was a saying that our dog, had been to the Sunday mass more than any of my family members had.  The worst part, is that it might be true!

Do you know why we celebrate easter? Easter is a Christian Holiday that most people celebrate even dough they are not christian’s. Some people don’t know and some people don’t even care, but they still take 4-5 days of from work because its “Easter”! Do we go to church and worship the man responsible for this holiday? No, we travel to the mountains and put on our new skies that we just bought. We don’t go to church to drink the so-called “altervine”, but we drink  the whole bottle of wine at home instead. What will happen if we take away easter?  The good thing about easter(except all the candy) is that everybody has the same day’s off, which gives us the opportunity to se friends and family. So, I guess even though I am not christian I am thankful for some of their holidays!

The first thing I had to do when I came back was to clean out my fridge! When something green starts growing on your tomatoes, it’s about time to throw them away. A friend of mine from Norway was actually here last night, so I spent most of the time with them. First we walked around down town Barcelona, and then I brought them to my area ” Gracia”.  We went to my favorite bar and had some Nostalgic moments.

Today I went with my Swedish friend to study some spanish at a bar. After about 2 hours of studying, we decided to go to IKEA! No, I am not kidding. IKEA is super popular here in Barcelona! I don’t know what’s up with these Swedish meatballs, but they make it everywhere! We walked around a little bit, and then we bought some “Kaviar” and “Knekkebrød”. Truly Scandinavian food!

Well, on Thursday I have a Spanish Exam and thanks to the lovely easter break I did not exactly study for it. Lets just say there were other things I had to do first.  Time goes by so fast, I can not really believe that I have already been here 7 weeks! Since I have been here so long, I only have 7 weeks left! Its kinda sad to think it will be over, but who know’s maybe i’ll stay longer!

Hope you all had a nice “Easter break”, I know I did!


“Things are not always what they seem to be in the first place”

You made me feel good, you noticed me,

 you told me I was pretty when I felt ugly. You told me I was uniq and

that I had a good heart. You gave me confidence and strength when I was weak.

You told me you cared. But……

Suddenly it all changed

Was everything a lie?

You disappeared from my life, you made me sad, you were a different person.

You did not care, you did not want to see me, I was not longer important, you were

always busy. I thought we were friends, but I guess I was wrong,

You took a piece of my heart, and left.

I will always remember, because I know where that piece is.  You changed my life for ever.

 “Things are not always what they seem to be in the first place



Only in spain

About 2-3 weeks ago I started getting a sore throat. I ate tons of pastilles but it did not really help.

Finnaly I decided to go to the doctor. I figured there must be something wrong since its not getting better. I was sitting in the waiting lounge thinking about what to say, when the doctor said my name. I got up and walked in to hear office thinking I cant wait to get the right medicine.  She started speaking spanish and I soon understood this would not be an easy conversation. I asked if she spoke english and she said “A little bit”, which technical means “No”. They did not take any test’s but she looked in my throat and said, oh  I can se you are read. At this time I was also coughing a lot, so they checked my chest with a stethoscope. She then gave me cough medicine and Ibuprofeno 600mg, which another doctor told me is just like pain killers. I took this for about 4-5 days and technically I just got worse.

This week, we were so lucky to have two new students in our class. And well what do you know, turns out one of them were a doctor from Germany, and the other was studying to be a doctor! So, instead of going to the doctor that did not speak english again I asked the german doctor in our class what I should do. She looked in my throat and said, looks like you need antibiotics. So we decided to go to the pharmacy together to check if they had the medicine and if you needed a prescription. If you don’t know already, here in spain you can find a Pharmacy on every corner and every street!

We walked in the store and she asked for the medicine. She was very serious and knew the name, the amount and the Mg of the medicine right away. The pharmacist said yes, we have it, but you need a prescription. She then explained how she was a doctor in Germany but here license was at the hotel room. The pharmacist told here she could not have it without the license, so she turned around and told me that we had to go and get it. Suddenly the pharmacist said, “Wait!” and went behind the wall to get something. The german doctor looked at me and smiled and we both said “Only in Spain”.  The pharmacist then came back with the right medicine and gave it to me. 

Today I can finally swallow again and in a few days I can go back to a Normal life! I have not been exercising for about 2-3 weeks and I am about to run into the wall! On Monday I will finish my penicillin treatment and can start exercising again!! WIHU!! The weather is starting tobecome really nice and I cant wait to walk around in shorts, instead of sitting in my room drinking hot te and water with lemon! 

“I am Alive again”


Waste of time?

Do you spend a lot of time wondering about the choices you make?

What education to get, what food to eat, what friends to hang out with, what people to kiss? Do you believe that you on your own, are completely responsible for the actions that take place in your life? Did you make the right choice or the wrong choice? And if you stop and think about if for a while,  was there ever a wrong choice in the first place? You might think that you make your own choices, but maybe it was already made for you. What happens when other people put you in their plans without asking you for your permission?

Some people get a bachelor degree right away, as if they knew when they were born. Others, travel around the world before they settle down, and some people don’t even get a bachelor degree at all. If you look at the world today, some of the richest people in the society never got a good education, but they still made it to the elite. Is it in their DNA that they will succeed, is it hard work, luck or pure skills? 

I am 24 and I don’t have a bachelor degree yet, but I have something else. I have plenty of different Life Experiences! I have worked, travelled, and studied abroad and gained valuable information that you can not read in a book. People ask me what I will become when I grow up, and they tell me I have to get an education. I totally agree that getting and education is smart, but if you don’t know what you want to study, why waste 3-5 years on something you will never use? Then again is it a waste? Going to school for 3-5 years should teach you something right? Is it better to have a bachelor degree in a topic, or to have experience’s from different areas of the world including traveling, working and studying? I don’t know about you, but my personal philosophy is that as long as you do something, your intellectual level of knowledge will increase and you will learn from you experiences. Most experiences are not always good, but no matter how you look at it you still learned something from the experience that makes you grow as a person. I have studied two years in the USA and two years in Norway and I have gained information and knowledge that I would not change for anything.

I still don’t know what I will become when I am a so called “grown up”  but for everyday that passes I learn something new. Right now I am living in Barcelona trying to learn spanish. For some people, it might be a waste of time, but for me its a valuable lesson that I can not read about in a book. In class the other day, we talked about things that we would never do, and all I could think of was “You should never say never”. I love to learn about new things and I like to study, so yeh I probably will get a so-called “Written on paper education” one day, the only question is when and where.  I have applied for the University in Oslo for this fall, and I am thinking about putting in and application for the university here in Barcelona. So, I guess time will show. 

The only  true”waste of time”, is when you sit around on your ass all day, thinking something will come to you!


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