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“Just Dance”

Do you DANCE, or are you among those people who say, “sorry, I don’t dance” or” I have not had enough to drink yet” or ” are you crazy, I’d look like a fool”? 

Well dance is actually one of the oldest expression forms of art and culture that we have, and it dates back 1000’s of years. I dont think i am the only one saying this, but dance was a little bit different back in the day, than what it is in today’s society. A lot of the dances were also used in rituals and some of them are still in use today. The types of dances that we normally talk about, like hiphop, salsa, breakdance or swing are actually pretty new to the dance floor.When I am talking about new, I mean within the last 100 years, considering we had the first “homo Sapiens” living in Africa about 170 000 years ago. When talking about hiphop, we are talking about a dance that was created in “The Bronx,(USA)” in the 1970’s. Which is only 40 years ago!  Hiphop is a dance that developed in the black/latino youth environment on the streets or in small clubs. Swing came as early as the 1920, an is ann all around known dance method.

Why is it, that when you say black or latino, people automatically assume that you can “bust a move”, or shake your hip? I must admit I am a little jealous. When you here about Norwegians, there are no thoughts what so ever, about people being good at dancing. Have you ever heard ” Mean, those norwegian people are rocking the dance floor!” or ” that norwegian girl is killing tonight? When we look at our dance history, I guess we end up with Norwegian Folk dance’s, wals ans swing, which are not exactly the hottest topics on the floor (except in gym class, where these are mandatory). Another thing that is interesting is that if I say steppdance or tappdance you are prabobly thinking Irish or west-African.  When I went to Colombia, it felt like everyone danced salsa. When we went to clubs, there was people from 18 up to 50-60 dancing in the same club! I don’t really se why they had tables there, because people did not really use them! We danced, talked and drank at the same time.  I did not meet one person, that said, “sorry, i don’t dance”. Is it in their blood? How come they all know salsa? I don’t really know the answer, but my friends mum in Colombia told me that ” They listen to the music from when they are born, and when they start to walk, the rhythm is already there, so when they are 4-5 its easy to pick up the steps”.  Hm, well we Norwegians listen to music, but it’s not the kind that makes our hips move, its more the kind that makes us look like sticks! It’s the same thing with black people, they have a great rhythm, and you always se them on the dance floor! When i was living in the USA, my roommate tried to teach me a few dance moves. They looked really cool and simple when she did it, but when I tried I almost ended up breaking my back! They would dance on the bus, in the parking lot, in the club, at school or in the gym. Ever seen a few people playing music dancing in the parking lot in Norway? No, we park our cars next to each other and play our ears out! I hope you understand I am not talking about everybody as in literally everybody, but more as in a common general sence. I guess we have some famous norwegian dancer…….. eh, well I cant really think of any, can you? We have lots of skiers dough, but they are  tall, skinny and have hips like a tooth pick. If you bend it, it will break!

I can honestly say, that I am not a great dancer, but one thing is sure. I’d rather have fun on the dance floor trying to dance, and on a lucky day make a move. Than sit on the side staring out in the air looking like a fool. People say they look like a fool, when they try to dance, ok, SO WHAT? Just let lose and have fun, it does not hurt to try. What do you have to lose? Sitting alone, watching your friends dance, or being on the floor laughing with them or at your self trying to master the dancing technique.

Well, if you are a great dancer “have fun and go wild” and if you have time, teach your friends something cool! If you are not a good dancer, get your ass on the dance floor and start learning! The moves will not come to you in the chair, but who knows what will happen on the dance floor!

“Have fun go wild”




It’s better this way “Divorce”

I looked up, and my mum looked at me. Her eyes were a little bit clear, and i could tell she had something on her mind. She told me we needed to have a talk in a separate room. At first I thought i had done something wrong. I don’t remember what day it was or what week it was, but i sure do remember what happened. We went into the so-called “pink room” and sat down by the piano, its was kinda like an office, with pink walls. We started talking and i soon understood something was wrong.

The tears started pressing on my eyes, it hurt. I was furious, I did not want to be one of them. One of them whose parents move apart. I told my mum they had to figure it out, there had to be something they could do, I said “go to therapy!”. At first i did not understand because I had never seen my mum or dad fight or scream at each other, at least not a lot compared to other families. My mum kept telling me, it has to be this way, it will be a lot better this way. I started wiping my eyes. Tears was running down my cheek, and i could berly talk. All that was running through my mind, was how horrible it would be to move, move away from everything that i knew, everything that was familiar to me. She was putting my safety at risk, at least that is what i thought at that moment. She sat there comforting me, telling me everything would be ok, but I did not believe her, I was to caught up in thinking about the negative things. That day I was 14, and I had no idea of how things would turn out.

Today I am 24 and I am so glad that my parents choose to get divorced. The older I got, the more and more I understood that my parents were not happy together. They had been married for 20 Years and a lot had changed over that time. Today I understand the concept of personal growth and the importance of being happy with the situation your are in. Moving out, made my mum and dad into stronger persons. They got courage to do things they had never done before, and they were on their own. probably scary after being with some one for 20 years. I think me and my brothers were really lucky, because our parents lived really close to each other. Another thing I liked, was that we could visit who ever we wanted when we wanted. We lived with our mum, but we could visit our dad when we wanted to. One thing that  made it easier for me, was that my parents managed to have a good contact with each other. They saw the importance of being friends rather than enemies. My personal meaning is that if you are not happy together, dont force something that is not ment to be. People change over time, and its hard to predict the future, we are not perfect and its human to make mistakes. I would say its smarter to get out, before it gets to ugly, so that you can spare your self and the kids. 

In 2008, 40 % in the USA got divorced. Today its pretty normal to be a kid with divorced parents, but 10 years ago, I remember being one of the few, and when you live in a small suburb everybody knows what is going on. I feel with the kids out there whose parents are getting divorced. Maybe things are looking a little dark right now, but hang in there and you will se that your parents will be happier and it will affect you in a good way. So to all the parents out there, please stay friends for the kids, and don’t talk bad about one another in front of the kids!




I am from a farm, and on my home page there is a picture of me in a cowboy hat, BUT I am not a Cowboy! This summer, me and my friend decided to take som funny pictures. We were talking for a long time about what would be fun to take pictures of, and after a while we dicided to dress me up as a cowboy, and take pictures in the old barn.

All I had that was a little bit cowboyish, was a hat, a striped shirt, some boots, and a skarf. I dont even know if it looks like a real cowboy/cowgirl, but we just wanted to have som fun and practise on useing the camera. In the barn, we found my mums old couch, it was really dusty and dirty, but in the pictures it looks kinda cool!

“Working 9 to 5”

“Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living” does it sound familiar? I guess Dolly Partons song is one of the good old classics. I just got home from work, and that song had been stuck on my mind the whole day. So I figured that maybe I’d get rid of it if I wrote something about work, if not I could laugh at the idea that it might be stuck on your mind the rest of the day ” Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living!!”

What kinda job du you have? do you get up early in the morning and go to work at 8 or 9, or do you work evenings? Maybe you are one of those that work Shifts, so that it all depends on the day and the week. Well, right now I call my self an independent consultant. Which means that I rent my self out as a sub to different types of job’s. At the moment I am working at 4 different places, but I am not a regular employee. When I am doing this I have to make sure to coordinate all the jobs, so that I never doubel book. I also have to make sure that I don’t work too much or to little, its kinda like I am my own boss. Being my own boss is cool, but you have to be strict with your self to know that you are working enough. Another thing i find hard, is when my week is already full from one place, when a second place call and say they have an emergency! What do you do? do you say yes, or do you say no. When my schedule is already booked, I normally look at the day before and the day after to decide if I can work or not (and if my extra battery is charged). Maybe you are thinking, how can you work at two places at the same time? and the truth is, I can’t. What I mean by working double is that I work from 8 til 4 in the morning and then switch to a different job in the evening. Right now I am working at a hotel as a waitress, at a fitness center as a receptionist, and I work in two different kindergartens.

I don’t know about you, but I think that work experience is really important. It gives you experience in many different areas, both in handling your self and in handling others. It’s a personal growth method, and you get paid, so why not!  Right now I am working to save up money so that I can get one step closer to my dreams. Ofcourse when I work, I know that its because of the money, but I also try to make the best out of it.  If you se the joy in your work, you will get so much more back. When I go to work being in a good mood, it affects my colleagues and it makes work more fun!  Yeh, like you have never herd that one before, more like 1000000000000 times. I guess there must be som truth in it.

Do you like your job? I love my job’s!  Your probably thinking what the heck are you talking about, changing diapers, cleaning throw up, answering phones, running around cleaning tables? Well, that is true, if that’s how you look at it. When I go to work in the kindergarten I am excited to se what will happen today. With kids, you never know what you will get, and when they come running at you in the door, it just takes my heart away. Playing around on the floor, dancing to music, painting and drawing for a few hours is nothing but joy, and there is a reason to why shows like, “kids say the darnest things” are invented. When I am a waitress, it’s always fun to se what kinda people you are serving. Sometimes you even get a free show, depending on the entertainment that the guests have hired. In the evening we also get to taste some of the wine and the 3 course meal of the day, I am not a chef, but I sure don’t complain when I get to taste free food. When we are talking about waitresses, everyone is always discussing the TIPS! I have to admit, it’s a little bit interesting to se if you will get tips or not! Among us colleagues we always discus ahead who will give and who will not. Sometimes we just know, that the person will not give you anything no matter how good you are.  So, if you are one of them, maybe you should start to give some!

Well, I am thankful for the jobs I have right now, and I am trying to learn as much as possible from them. Another important thing when you are working is to create your own network, and that is something I enjoy doing. Working in 4 different places, talking to different people is interesting. I am also taking this opportunity to look at different leaderchipstyles, types of leaders, working environments, colleagues and how things are done differently in different situations.  Since I am thinking about studying communication and leadership later on, its great for me to se how different leaders are, and how the employees respond to them.

If you have an interesting job that you love, please share it with me(us) in my comments!


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