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“Things are not always what they seem to be in the first place”

You made me feel good, you noticed me,

 you told me I was pretty when I felt ugly. You told me I was uniq and

that I had a good heart. You gave me confidence and strength when I was weak.

You told me you cared. But……

Suddenly it all changed

Was everything a lie?

You disappeared from my life, you made me sad, you were a different person.

You did not care, you did not want to see me, I was not longer important, you were

always busy. I thought we were friends, but I guess I was wrong,

You took a piece of my heart, and left.

I will always remember, because I know where that piece is.  You changed my life for ever.

 “Things are not always what they seem to be in the first place





Imagination                                                         Fantasi

creative thoughts                                               kreative tanker

     a huge leap                                                   et stort sprang

nothing can stop you!                                 Ingenting kan stoppe deg!

Imagination                                                                Fantasi

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