Why is it that when you are suppose to study, there is always something special going on?

Today we went to the beach to study for a little bit. Going to the beach to study, is probably not the best idea, but we did actually study for a little bit. Well, Easter break and the beach did not help, and the game that was on tonight did not exactly help either! What can you do when Barcelona is playing Madrid! You don’t have a choice, you have to watch! Luckely Barcelona won! Thanks to Messi, they won 2-0. Right now i am in level b1, so we are learning all the different times. Spanish grammatic is a little different from norwegian and its hard to remember all the forms!  Here is an Example,

Comer/spise. Gerundio; Comiendo/spiser. Participio; Comido/spist

presente: Preterito imperfecto: Preterito Indefinido: Preterito Perfecto: Futuro: Imperativo (Afirmativo) (Negativo)

como               comia                           comi                                 he comido                 comeré                             come            no comas

comes              comias                         comiste                           has comido               comeras                         coma              no coma

come                comia                           comio                               ha comido                comera                                        

comemos        comiamos                  comimos                         hamos comido        comeremos

comeis             comiais                       comisteis                         habeis comido          comereis                      comed             no comais

comen            comian                         comieron                          han comido               comeran                       coman             no coman 

So, here I am, sitting with the book in my lap thinking about what I should have read. It’s actually a waste of time, because whats done is done,  it’s not like i can turn back time and start over again. I’m not to worried about tomorrow, if i pass that is good, if not i will just have to repeat the level and actually learn some of the grammatic.  Do you speak Spanish? Well if you do, maybe you can explain some of it in english to me 😉

Tomorrow, a friend of mine from Norway will come for a visit, so I am super excited to se here again!

Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!



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