I am Back!

After a week  home in Norway, It was about time to go back to spain. Since most of the european countries celebrate “easter” I was so “lucky” that I got to go home for a few days.  Do you celebrate “easter”? I have to admit that I am not a Christian. I grew up 10 meters from the church and my best friend was the son of the priest, but there was a saying that our dog, had been to the Sunday mass more than any of my family members had.  The worst part, is that it might be true!

Do you know why we celebrate easter? Easter is a Christian Holiday that most people celebrate even dough they are not christian’s. Some people don’t know and some people don’t even care, but they still take 4-5 days of from work because its “Easter”! Do we go to church and worship the man responsible for this holiday? No, we travel to the mountains and put on our new skies that we just bought. We don’t go to church to drink the so-called “altervine”, but we drink  the whole bottle of wine at home instead. What will happen if we take away easter?  The good thing about easter(except all the candy) is that everybody has the same day’s off, which gives us the opportunity to se friends and family. So, I guess even though I am not christian I am thankful for some of their holidays!

The first thing I had to do when I came back was to clean out my fridge! When something green starts growing on your tomatoes, it’s about time to throw them away. A friend of mine from Norway was actually here last night, so I spent most of the time with them. First we walked around down town Barcelona, and then I brought them to my area ” Gracia”.  We went to my favorite bar and had some Nostalgic moments.

Today I went with my Swedish friend to study some spanish at a bar. After about 2 hours of studying, we decided to go to IKEA! No, I am not kidding. IKEA is super popular here in Barcelona! I don’t know what’s up with these Swedish meatballs, but they make it everywhere! We walked around a little bit, and then we bought some “Kaviar” and “Knekkebrød”. Truly Scandinavian food!

Well, on Thursday I have a Spanish Exam and thanks to the lovely easter break I did not exactly study for it. Lets just say there were other things I had to do first.  Time goes by so fast, I can not really believe that I have already been here 7 weeks! Since I have been here so long, I only have 7 weeks left! Its kinda sad to think it will be over, but who know’s maybe i’ll stay longer!

Hope you all had a nice “Easter break”, I know I did!



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