Only in spain

About 2-3 weeks ago I started getting a sore throat. I ate tons of pastilles but it did not really help.

Finnaly I decided to go to the doctor. I figured there must be something wrong since its not getting better. I was sitting in the waiting lounge thinking about what to say, when the doctor said my name. I got up and walked in to hear office thinking I cant wait to get the right medicine.  She started speaking spanish and I soon understood this would not be an easy conversation. I asked if she spoke english and she said “A little bit”, which technical means “No”. They did not take any test’s but she looked in my throat and said, oh  I can se you are read. At this time I was also coughing a lot, so they checked my chest with a stethoscope. She then gave me cough medicine and Ibuprofeno 600mg, which another doctor told me is just like pain killers. I took this for about 4-5 days and technically I just got worse.

This week, we were so lucky to have two new students in our class. And well what do you know, turns out one of them were a doctor from Germany, and the other was studying to be a doctor! So, instead of going to the doctor that did not speak english again I asked the german doctor in our class what I should do. She looked in my throat and said, looks like you need antibiotics. So we decided to go to the pharmacy together to check if they had the medicine and if you needed a prescription. If you don’t know already, here in spain you can find a Pharmacy on every corner and every street!

We walked in the store and she asked for the medicine. She was very serious and knew the name, the amount and the Mg of the medicine right away. The pharmacist said yes, we have it, but you need a prescription. She then explained how she was a doctor in Germany but here license was at the hotel room. The pharmacist told here she could not have it without the license, so she turned around and told me that we had to go and get it. Suddenly the pharmacist said, “Wait!” and went behind the wall to get something. The german doctor looked at me and smiled and we both said “Only in Spain”.  The pharmacist then came back with the right medicine and gave it to me. 

Today I can finally swallow again and in a few days I can go back to a Normal life! I have not been exercising for about 2-3 weeks and I am about to run into the wall! On Monday I will finish my penicillin treatment and can start exercising again!! WIHU!! The weather is starting tobecome really nice and I cant wait to walk around in shorts, instead of sitting in my room drinking hot te and water with lemon! 

“I am Alive again”



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