Waste of time?

Do you spend a lot of time wondering about the choices you make?

What education to get, what food to eat, what friends to hang out with, what people to kiss? Do you believe that you on your own, are completely responsible for the actions that take place in your life? Did you make the right choice or the wrong choice? And if you stop and think about if for a while,  was there ever a wrong choice in the first place? You might think that you make your own choices, but maybe it was already made for you. What happens when other people put you in their plans without asking you for your permission?

Some people get a bachelor degree right away, as if they knew when they were born. Others, travel around the world before they settle down, and some people don’t even get a bachelor degree at all. If you look at the world today, some of the richest people in the society never got a good education, but they still made it to the elite. Is it in their DNA that they will succeed, is it hard work, luck or pure skills? 

I am 24 and I don’t have a bachelor degree yet, but I have something else. I have plenty of different Life Experiences! I have worked, travelled, and studied abroad and gained valuable information that you can not read in a book. People ask me what I will become when I grow up, and they tell me I have to get an education. I totally agree that getting and education is smart, but if you don’t know what you want to study, why waste 3-5 years on something you will never use? Then again is it a waste? Going to school for 3-5 years should teach you something right? Is it better to have a bachelor degree in a topic, or to have experience’s from different areas of the world including traveling, working and studying? I don’t know about you, but my personal philosophy is that as long as you do something, your intellectual level of knowledge will increase and you will learn from you experiences. Most experiences are not always good, but no matter how you look at it you still learned something from the experience that makes you grow as a person. I have studied two years in the USA and two years in Norway and I have gained information and knowledge that I would not change for anything.

I still don’t know what I will become when I am a so called “grown up”  but for everyday that passes I learn something new. Right now I am living in Barcelona trying to learn spanish. For some people, it might be a waste of time, but for me its a valuable lesson that I can not read about in a book. In class the other day, we talked about things that we would never do, and all I could think of was “You should never say never”. I love to learn about new things and I like to study, so yeh I probably will get a so-called “Written on paper education” one day, the only question is when and where.  I have applied for the University in Oslo for this fall, and I am thinking about putting in and application for the university here in Barcelona. So, I guess time will show. 

The only  true”waste of time”, is when you sit around on your ass all day, thinking something will come to you!



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