Finnaly some extra free time! The last week was really crazy. There has been so much to do, and practically no time to write. I guess people say you can always find time, but when you are sick, going to school, studying for a test, having visitors, working with your company and trying to exercise there is not much time left!

I don’t know if it’s the climate change or if it’s just me, but I have been sick for  two weeks now. It’s not like I am dying, but I cough like a chain smoker and my throat hurts. Well Except for that I still LOVE Barcelona! This city is really fascinating and i am considering moving here to study or work.

Last week the company I work for ( started a competition where you can win 10 000 Norwegian kr, or 1300€! It’s actually a lot of money and I really hope a lot of people will write, YOU SHOULD WRITE! You really have nothing to lose, but if you write you can win a lot of money! I believe in you 😉 There are so many cool places in the world waiting to be explored!


On Friday a good friend of mine from Norway came to visit. She had never been to Barcelona before, so we agreed on being tourists for a few days. Ofcourse I had seen some of the places before, but we went walking in the streets and ate some spanish food. By Spanish food I mean TAPAS and PAELLA! Since we were in Spain we figured we had to try some spanish food, and of course we had to try the Paella Marisco. Which is a national dish with animals from the sea. normally I am not a big  fan of seafood, and squid is deff not the first thing I order if I go out to eat. Anyway, we ordered the “Paella marisco” and we did not exactly know what was in it until we had a huge pan on our table.  Still we were not sure what everything was, but we could se shrimps, blue shells, and some long legs! There were like 3 animals we had no clue what were. We started eating, and we actually tasted all of it, me and my friend were so impressed over what we just ate that we gave each other a high fife in the restaurant(yeh lame, but it just happened). If you knew me, you would also be impressed! It had a very interesting taste, and It was not bad, but I think I need some more time to get used to it. The other day we tried tapas, which in general is all kinds of different things. normally they give you a huge menu and you choose like 4-5 things that you want to eat, and they serve you small portions of it. So we actually had tapas twice and ate bread, potatoes, chicken, olives, cheese on a stick, and some avocado. Tapas is actually kinda nice, because you can always order what you like, and instead of having one thing you get to try many different small things.

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I am really glad my friend came to visit, because we got to walk around and explore a lot of places together. We actually found a lot of nice places in the area where I live that I had never been to!  Turns out that right around the corner where I live there is a really nice place! On sunday, we tried Sangria! The famous spanish drink! I am not 100 % sure, but I think its red wine, mixed with some strong liquor, some fruits(lemon, lime, apple, orange) and some cava or sprite. Its uniq and must be tried if you are in spain! During here visit we also went to the laberint, the market, la sagrada familia, park güelle, park cituadella and the beach.

The Weather is starting to become a little better, and we actually got a little sunburned the other day.  The last 2 days I have been trying to study Spanish gramatics for the test we had today. I know I should have studied more, so right now I am hopping that i passed. If not I will have to do the same level again! 

I must admit I don’t really miss Norway too much except the “knekke brød”! And ok maybe I do miss some friends to 🙂 . I wish they could come here and experience Barcelona! 🙂 During easter I will go home for a few days to fix my “insurance” so that will give me time to se some friends and family before i go back for 7 new weeks.



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