“Falling in love”

Yeh, I wish it was a person, but it’s not, I am starting to fall for Barcelona!  Why not fall in love with a city, got to give my love to something right? And something tells me, falling in love with a city is a little easier, and less complicated! 😉

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Since I am not In love with some one, or some one is in love with me, I might as well give some LOVE to the city! I have lived in Barcelona for a little over 2 weeks now, and I am really starting to appreciate this city. The day goes by so fast, and there is so much to do. The last days, I have been going to school, exercising, exploring, making food and acting a little bit like a tourist. You know, those people you se walking around with a big map with a camera hanging from their neck, yeh that was me the other day. We used to say that tourist with white socks and sandals were Norwegian, but I don’t know if you can say that any more?

Well, as I said earlier I needed to expand my cooking if i wanted to avoid hating pasta the rest of my life. So, lately I have been making grilled chicken with rice and a salad, and a type of beef with rice and salad. It’s really simple and its pretty healthy. It works out really nice with my new exercising schedule. I would not exactly call it a master piece, but its quick and tasty, besides we don’t have a owen, so we have to put everything in a pan or in the microwave. At the fitness center I am doing a three split program which means I have 3 different days, that I repeat 2 times a week. I have only been doing it for a week now, but I am hopping to se results in about 3-4 weeks. The people working at the fitness center is starting to recognise me, so that means I get to practise my spanish also! DIR, is actually pretty nice, as I said before, when you come you get a clean towel and when you shower they supply you with soap, shampoo and conditioner! It’s prabobly not the best quality, but hey its free and my hair is still there.

The other day I actually went to the Picasso museum. I was going to meet a friend of mine from Norway and then we were going to se the museum together, but they were a little late so it gave me som extra time. I was walking around, looking at the old buildings, listening to the street music and “falling in love” with the athmosphere. When I meet my friends we ended up going to eat at a restaurant where Mojitos cost 4 €! I don’t know how that is price wise for Spain, but compared to Norway that is very cheap! Then we walked to the museum and found out that on Sundays after 15.00 o clock, ITS FREE! normally it costs about 9 €. The museum was really nice, but we were not allowed to take any pictures inside so if you want to se it, you  have to go there or by a book.

I live 30 meters from the Metro station and I love it! The Metro is so easy to take here, and I find it a little interesting. On weekdays it goes all day until 12.00, on Fridays it goes until 02.00 and on Saturdays it goes ALL NIGHT!  The metro is actually pretty safe, there is almost always people on it, and you are never on your own.

Another thing I really like about Barcelona, is that the city is really Liberal. You se all kinds of people everywhere and its natural. Actually I don’t like it, I Love it 🙂 On saturday we actually went to a gay bar, for my friend’s birthday. Aparently Barcelona is like one of the Gay capitals of Europe.

Last night, I decided to go meet my friends from Norway and go for a drink. They live at a pretty nice hostel, like 2 stops from my house with the Metro. Wihu, a reason to take the metro! We ended up going to a tapas bar where we ordered San Miguel for 2.75 € and a Mojito for 5€! I LOVE IT! 

Well, you are probably getting bored now, so I will think about my new Love, and find out what I will do next.



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