“La lluvia/Rain/Regn”

I was laying in bed listening to the rain. It’s actually pretty neat, when all you can hear is rain drops hitting the window, splashing on the roof or hitting the ground. It was raining all night, so I was hopping that it would stop when it was time to get up. I don’t know if some one did the “rain dance” or something, but it would not stop raining!  Talking to the spanish people about rain, most of them would say they like it. If you ask any Norwegian or Scandinavian, most of them would say they hate it. On the other hand, some would say “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes”!  What do you think? We were actually talking about Scandinavians and the sun in class the other day. The spanish teacher was talking about how Scandinavians walk around in shorts when there is 10-15 degrees, while spanish people were winter clothes and scarfs! We were also talking about how they close the stores to go hide in the shadow during the”Fiesta”, while Scandinavians stay out in the sun til their skin peals off!

Most of the time its ok with some rain, but I did not bring any waterproof shoes! Apparently I am not the only one, because none of my roommates did either. So, since my plans to explore the city was thrown of guard, I decided to exercise and relax at home. Walking to DIR, my shoes and socks got socking wet and I was really glad its only about a 5-10 minute walk. When i finished I went to get an Umbrella, which is kinda funny in spanish, because they are called “paraAquas”. Which directly means “for the water”, in Norwegian they are called “paraply” but if you would do it the spanish way it would be “forvann”.  Any way, i did not get a “Paraaqua” so I walked home getting my shoes even more wet.

The other night I found out something really funny. We decided we would go out Wednesday night for my flatmates birthday, to the Club called “shoko”. They were having a special them, and you could get your face painted, which for me is a little unusual at a club or bar in Norway, but any way. What I found to be the most interesting, was that before 01.00 klock, they gave out free punch to all the girls that asked! I am not talking about a  free drink, I am talking as many glasses as you wanted! All you had to do was stand in line, and show them your entrance stamp! It was probably som really cheap alcohol, but it deff attracted a lot of people! Its a little unuzual to go out on a wednesday night and stay in the club til around 4-5! I wonder what would happen if the opening hours in Norway would change to the same as in Barcelona.

Well, it’s still raining outside. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. 



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