Barcelona V Arsenal

Last night we decided to go to a bar to watch the football game of the night. Were not talking about a random game with some regular team’s, were talking the real thing with  Barcelona V Arsenal! The game was going to be held at “camp Nou” Which holds about 90 000 people! People had been talking about this game for a long time, because the last time they played Arsenal won, so this time Barcelona had to win!

We went to and Irish bar that was pretty big. There were so many international people there, I don’t even think I saw any spanish people. The majority still wanted Barcelona to win. The Atmosphere in the bar was fantastic, people were screaming, yelling and clapping at the tv. It was really crowded, so since we got there a little late we had to stand the whole time, but that was ok, its only 90 minutes! After a few minutes i found out the people standing next to me were swedish, and the people sitting on the table next to us were also swedish! So, when they say there are 50 000 swedish people in Barcelona, there not joking”

The game started out pretty good, and the score was like 1-1 until suddenly one of the players on Arsenal got a red card! From the time when he left the field, until the game was over, Barcelona was killing Arsenal! So the score ended 3-1 to Barcelona, and all the spanish people were satisfied 🙂

It’s a little expensive, but I hope that I can get tickets to “Camp Nou” one day.



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