“One week”

One week = 168 hours, which means that I have lived in Barcelona for about 182 hours now. I’m starting to get used to it, but it does not seem real. Today the weather was really nice, so I started the day by taking the metro down to the beach and going for a walk. That is something I would not be able to do in Norway, it would be more like putting on my skis or reign clothes to make sure I did not get wet. 

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This weekend I learned a little bit about the night life hear in Barcelona. It’s a little bit different, than what we are used to at home. First of all, people don’t go out between 12 and 01, they start going out at like 1 and most people don’t even show up until like 2. I don’t know how it is in your country, but in Norway bars and clubs, close pretty early at like 3. Well here its a little bit different. Most of the clubs, don’t close until 5! They say a really good party don’t really end until 7-8 the next morning. Another ting that is interesting is that to get in to the clubs for free, you need to have your name on a list, or you can get a card with a free entrance in the streets. If you are not on the list, or you don’t have a card, you normally have to pay between 10-20 €, but when you do you normally get a free drink with it. I have to admit, that I did not know the age limit on alcohol and bars here. They did not ask us for Id when we came and I am not sure if they ever ask anyone. Another thing I find interesting is that in bars, they don’t play loud music like we do where we have conversations screaming at each other, its more like lounge music where you can sit and talk.  So, on Fridays the metro stops at like 1 or 2, but on Saturday’s the metro goes all night long! I am really surprised of how good the metro system is here. Yeh, there are sometimes you have to walk a few “km” under the ground to change lines, but that’s just good for your health right? 😉

Even dough we went out on saturday, I got up early sunday morning to go to “Park Güell”. I wanted to go there to se the park, and to get a nice view of Barcelona! It’s actualy pretty close to my apartment, so I decided I would walk all the way up there. On my way to the park, I came across some escalators in the middle of the road! So, I just had to take them and apparently they led me right to the park. Inside the park, there are many pathways to walk on, and there is a whole round you can do that will take you through the whole park. Inside the park, you will find Antoni Gaudis house, some of his sculptures and buildings, some view points and some really nice decorated pathways. I was walking around listening to the music and thinking, OH This is great! I feel sorry for all of you in Norway, with the reign and the snow! I guess soon it will be dry, hehe oh wait, maybe not for another month!

Saturday night we went out to a club called “Shoko” down by the beach. What I found out walking on the beach today is that all the clubs down by the beach, are actually fancy restaurants during the day! These are nice restaurants to look at, but price wise, they are super expensive! After a little walk on the beach, I walked up to the city park, called “Park de la Ciutadella”. This is a huge park, kinda like “Frogner parken” in Oslo, except there are no naked statues, instead you can rent little boats and look at huge elephants.

Well, tonight I wanted to explore a little bit so I took the metro to a place called “Universitat”. It was already like 8 o clock so I was not going to walk in any scary streets, but I found a Starbucks and ordered a frappucino with mango.

Today we did not have school, because March 7 is a holiday in Barcelona. apparently all the cities in spain, can choose one day that they want to celebrate the city. So, tomorrow we start school again, but this time at like 1.30, which kinda sucks because we all want to have class in the morning so that we can go to the beach in the afternoon.

Well my first week in Barcelona is over. I only have 14 weeks left! Do you Like barcelona? If you have any suggestions on where to go and what to do, please tell me! I would like to know, where the best bars, restaurants and clubs are! Especially spanish places, where you can dance salsa and eat good spanish food!



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