Life, candy, and “La Sagrada Familia”!

Hola! Como estas?

Time goes by so fast down here! It’s a little wired to think that I have already been in Barcelona for 5 days! The last few days has been really hectic and I am starting to catch on to Barcelona 🙂 By that I mean, its very important that you stand on the right side on the escalators! If you don’t, some one behind you will tell you right away! It’s a little funny to se how mad some people get when you stand on the left side. The Metro system here is actually pretty neat. You just take some stairs or escalators down under the ground and you almost have a new world of tunnels and pathways. Its clean and nice, and it looks really modern. In the beginning I thought it was going to be hard to understand it, but after like 2 trips I realized it was really simple! 

yesterday I went to meet two norwegian friends of mine and to go se the “la sagrada familia”. The famous church by Antoni Gaudi. They started building the church in 1883, and guess what? They are still not finished! And who knows if they ever will be! The Church is huge, with thousands of little details. Antoni Gaudi was known for being creative and he used things from the nature in his work, like wheat , and the bee’s houses. Antoni Gaudi, died in 1926 and did not get to se how the church is today, but they still use his sculptures and drawings trying to finnish the work he started. In 2010, the pope actually visited the church and they had a ceremony there. I am not really a christian, but I still found the church to be fascinating. The glass paintings and the high ceiling is rare and something worth seeing.

In the evening I went to DIR to Exercise and when I came out to go home, I noticed something wired. The street was closed for cars, and their was police officers standing at the corners. I started walking up the street to my apartment and while walking the side-walk was starting to get more and more crowded! There was like people everywhere and they had umbrellas, and there was no reign! I stopped and asked a police officer what was going on, and he said something about a “Fiesta”. So I remember that we had talked about the carnival and a tradition they have here in spain, where they drive down the main street and throw candy out to the people! So, I ran to my apartment, got my camera and went back down to the street. I was not sure what was about to happen but i stood on the sidewalk waiting like everybody els did. After a while, we could heir loud music! Then we saw horses coming down the street! Behind the horses were huge white cars with people on the back literally THROWING candy out to the people. There were kids, teenagers, grown ups and grandparents all over the streets! Candy is nice to eat, but mean, it hurts to get candy in your face! So you had to catch the candy with your arms and duck for the once you could not catch! In Norway we use umbrellas to protect us from the reign! Here the umbrellas apparently have a different meaning! They turn them upside down and catch candy! All over the street your would se people with umbrellas turned upside down! If they did not have one, they used there helmets or bags or what ever they could find that would hold the candy! I was trying to take some good photos, but it was dark out side and everything was moving. The “Candy Train” was really long, and it took about 2-3 hours for it to pass my apartment! I have never seen anything like it, and it was a huge experience! Between the cars and the horses, there were also different kinds of music bands that would walk and play music, kinda like “drum line” if you have seen that movie.


Today I actually went to se the outside of “Camp Nou”. You can go inside, but you have to pay like 20€ so we figured we would go another day. Instead, me and my friend Fan from China, decided to go eat at a chines place. We ate at a chines buffey where they had all kinds a seafood and all you can eat sushi! It was not really the best, but then again I am not really a huge fan of sushi.

I actually got a spanish sim card today, so I have a new phone nr. A few days ago I also got a rack to dry clothes on so now I am stating to feel like things are falling in place. Life so far is pretty good here in Barcelona. I am really starting to like the city, and I cant wait to se what will happen next! Last night they threw candy, what will happen now??


Un Abrazote de Barcelona 😉


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