Si, estoy en Barcelona!

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There is so much to do!

yesterday I went to the school for the first time! It was about a 5-10 minute walk from the apartment. It’s actualy a pretty nice distance in the morning. First of all it gives you time to wake up, and second of all its kinda like a little exercise.  I am really surprised on how neat and clean the streets are here in this neighbourhood. I am also fascinated by the small grocery stores that exists on like all the corners. It’s really practical when you forget to eat breakfast or lunch and you can just by 2 bananas like I did today. 

First they put me in one spanish class with 2 swedish girls, but I have to admit my grammatics were not good enough for that level. So, today I tried another level that I think is more suitable for me. In that class there are also 3 Swedish people! Some one told me that there are like 50 000 Swedish people in Barcelona! That is a lot! So, I guess I have to be careful about what I say 😉

I am starting to get a lot of things in place, but there are still so much more to do. Last night I went grocery shopping for the first time. On my way to the store I passed a fitness studio called DIR. This is supposedly the biggest chain in Barcelona, so i figured i would ask around for prices and such. The Place is really neat! They have a swimming pool, a few aerobic rooms, a weight room, some treadmills, tanning beds, Saunas, and some other stuff. Since it was the last day of the month, they would give me a special price, because of a campaign they had that week. The offer was so good i just could not say no. I paid 199 euros for 3 months! Which gives me the ability to go swimming and training when ever I want to. Another thing I like is that every time you go, you get a fresh towel to use, so you don’t have to bring your own. One ting that is a little ironical is that all the locker rooms are in the 3rd floor, and there are no elevators! So you have to walk up some really small stairs to change. Its cool when you come, but if you have had a workout just on your legs it must suck to walk up those 3 floors! So, one thing is clear, I am now a member of a fitness center!  Today I worked out for the first time and there was this old lady that kept staring at me! I was just thinking, did I forget my pants,  do I have something in my face, do I look wired! Like, what the heck are you looking at! She kept looking and I don’t know why, because I had my pants on and there was nothing in my face, so I’m still wondering why!

yesterday and today I made dinner at home 🙂 nothing more complicated than pasta! Its quick, tasty and cheap, so why not! I am thinking that I will have to expand my cooking abilities, because if not, I will hate pasta the rest of my life 😉  yesterday I also went for a little walk down town, to get a metro card and to se some of the city. A girl from The Netherlands was kind enough to show me around and walk with me down the Rembla. We also stopped by the marked, and walked along the sea before we took the metro back to the apartment.

Still I have to get a spanish sim card, I have to get my schedule, I have to get a rack to dry clothes on, I have to get some detergent, and so much more 🙂 Life so far, is pretty good in Barcelona!

Hope everything is good with you all 😉 



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