It had been standing there for like 8 years, so we decided it was about time for a new change!  To get rid of the couch we first had to remove all the books inside it. This was a typical Old norwegian wooden couch and it was hard for my mum to let it go, that’s probably why it had been standing there for so long, with really no good function what so ever. Except  place consuming!  Do you get personal feelings for objects and things that you have good memories with? Do you like to throw away things or do you keep everything you get across? Some people like to collect things, that’s oki, as long as it’s not all over the front yard!

 So, we sat down and started digging. We decided to make a few different piles where we would put the books depending on if we wanted to keep them, give them to some one we knew, or to a school. Opening the couch and looking inside gave me a great feeling of nostalgia!

Here they were, all the books I had read 15-20 years ago! At first I was excited to se what I would remember. I lifted up one book that looked really familiar, and when I opened it, it all came back to me. I remember the pictures and the characters! Especially the monkey that was board and had to do everything that was wrong. Kinda like the troubled kidz in todays society! This book was called “Drodlene”(En dag på stranden/a day at the beach). They had funny names like, Flosel, Luffe, Lømle, Elefu, Apenose and Flagrebjørn! I guess like any other child book, this one also had a point to get a cross, that if you do bad things, in the end something bad will happened to you. So of course by the end of the book  the monkey had learned his lesson.

The next book I came across was “Beauty and the beast”! OH, how I remember all the furniture dancing around and talking! I actually used to think that the beast was a little scary, and all the furniture that were talking was fun but a little creepy. No wonder kids get scared at night, when we tell them that Te cups can talk and dance! Looking closer in to the Couch I also found “Pongo And Perdita”! The cutest book ever about dogs, and these are not regular dogs, they are extraordinary Dalmatians! This book, is about how they meet and how they get their owners to fall in love. I guess this is what started the idea about 101 Dalmatians! 

Then I Found “Dumbo” the elephant with the big ears, and “Mowgli” the kid that lives in the jungle! There are so many great children stories that bring back old memories, and how they tried to teach us right and wrong! I also found the book Called” The penguin that did not like the Cold”. This one is a little bit funny, and it shows you how a penguin leaves the antarctic traveling on a piece of ice with his igloo looking for varm weather. When he gets closer, it starts to melt and he ends up using a bath tub as his boat, until he finally reaches the white sandy beaches. Some other books I came a  crossed where “Todd and Copper”, “Aladdin” and “Donald Duck”.

Sitting here, looking at all these old children books, gives me a good feeling. They are cute,  funny and they have no harm what so ever. They are just children’s books, and that’s it.  They are filled with positive energy and joy.  Do you have a favorite book from when you were little?

My word for today must be that if you are feeling down, or a little sad, se if you can find some children’s books! Maybe you will feel better.



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