“Only 24 hours in a day”

First of all,  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

A few days ago, a good friend of mine asked me, ” When are you going to write a new post on your blog?” And at that time I realized its been forever since I sat down and wrote something. I have to admit that when she told me she missed my blog it gave me a good feeling and it made me want to write more. So, Thank you 🙂 

I guess there are really no excuses, but In the beginning of november time went by so Fast! I Worked 200 hours and I only had 4 days of from work. I was actually announced “Employe of the month” At Klekken hotel, this really helped me get through some of the long days and it made me feel appreciated. At the end of December I was also asked to hold the “Thanks for the food speech”(takk for maten talen) at the last dinner with Klekken hotel in 2010 (Julebord). I was asked the evening before so I did not have much time to plan a good speech, but i found one good line that I used as a starter. “They say that a speech should be kinda like a dress. Long enough to cover the essential, but short enough to be interesting”.  At the same time I also started a new workout program where I exercised 6 days a week. I was really committed to this program and it was fun to se the changes. When I came home from work I went to exercise or I went straight to bed, so there was not much time left to hang out with friends or write on my blog, so yeh super “FUN” Not. God thing I know money always comes handy.  There were many things that I wanted to write about I just never found the time and the energy to put it into words.

Then before I knew it there were lights in the streets and christmas was just around the corner. We started playing christmas carols in the kindergarten and talked about the amazing Santa Claus!  Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were little? When did you find out he was not real? If you still believe in Santa Claus, I am terribly sorry you had to find out this way. I probably should have put up a warning sign, my bad!  Christmas is a special holiday, some people love it others hate it. For many people christmas is a time where you gather your close once and tell them you care. For some its a time where you sit at work or at home all by your self and got no place to go. We tend to forget that for some people christmas is not all presents and fun, for some it means they have to tell their kids they don’t get any presents because santa clause is broke.  personally, I like christmas. Not because of the expensive gifts, like the brand new ” BMW” I got or you know the new “Ipad”, but because of the Family dinner on christmas eve. Actually I didn’t exactly get a BMW or an Ipad, I got a “rumpebrett” and an “electrical toothbrush”  it’s almost the same, so who cares 😉  it’s the thought that counts right? yeh right, give me the BMW!  I am sorry to say this, but if you are on of those parents that by your kids brand new car’s for christmas, you truly don’t get the point of life!! I feel sorry for those people who complain about their gifts! My “rumpebrett” is awesome and it even says “only for girls” I love it 🙂 I have actually used it 3 times already. You can not by love, so i would have to say that its the thought that counts. So, since my parents are divorced we spent this christmas eve with my mum and here parents.  We ate, drank and sung christmas carols like nothing could stop us. My grandfather is 90 years old and he does not hear well, but when we sang he smiled and sang with us. Luckly we don’t have any neighbours, imagine 6 people screaming on the top of their lungs with no musical training what so ever.  We don’t care if its pretty or not we just sing because its fun.

Well christmas went by really fast and before I knew it I started working again 3 of January. I was actually so lucky that i got offered to work in the kindergarten all of January.   OH I almost forgot! Last week I finally applied for a school and an apartment in Barcelona, Spain! They have already excepted me so I am starting school the 28 of February! ( Is that a good or bad sign? are they really good and have good service or are they in desperat need of money??? hehe) 🙂 I am really excited about this experience!   I cant wait to se how the city is, how the spanish course is, meet new people and hopefully learn some spanish! If you throw in a few salsa moves and a few mojitos I get even more excited 🙂

Well I wish you all a Happy New year and the best of luck in 2010!! If you want to do something, get it done! Dont wait for it to happen, there is only 24 hours in a day!! Get the most out of it!

kristi 🙂


4 responses to ““Only 24 hours in a day”

  • Ana Medina Pulido

    I love this. Not only it is awesome to hear about your life and plans, it is also very nice to read you. I did not know you have a talent for writting.
    Very inspiring, touching, funny, smart…
    From now on I’m going to read you girl 🙂
    Big hug from Colombia.
    Ps: You’re going to love Barcelona. It’s a beautiful city.

  • Trond Strøm Lie

    hei skikkelig fin blogg kristi 🙂 kanskje du får BMW til neste år i steden 😉 du må bare huske å sende ønskelisten til nissen

    • kristisadventure

      Takk Trond 🙂 hehe jeg syntes rumpebrette var Genialt! Har hatt det så mye morro med det allerede! gleder meg til å se hva jeg får neste år! 🙂 Å gleder meg til å kjøpe du vet hva til deg!!! 😉

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