“Just Dance”

Do you DANCE, or are you among those people who say, “sorry, I don’t dance” or” I have not had enough to drink yet” or ” are you crazy, I’d look like a fool”? 

Well dance is actually one of the oldest expression forms of art and culture that we have, and it dates back 1000’s of years. I dont think i am the only one saying this, but dance was a little bit different back in the day, than what it is in today’s society. A lot of the dances were also used in rituals and some of them are still in use today. The types of dances that we normally talk about, like hiphop, salsa, breakdance or swing are actually pretty new to the dance floor.When I am talking about new, I mean within the last 100 years, considering we had the first “homo Sapiens” living in Africa about 170 000 years ago. When talking about hiphop, we are talking about a dance that was created in “The Bronx,(USA)” in the 1970’s. Which is only 40 years ago!  Hiphop is a dance that developed in the black/latino youth environment on the streets or in small clubs. Swing came as early as the 1920, an is ann all around known dance method.

Why is it, that when you say black or latino, people automatically assume that you can “bust a move”, or shake your hip? I must admit I am a little jealous. When you here about Norwegians, there are no thoughts what so ever, about people being good at dancing. Have you ever heard ” Mean, those norwegian people are rocking the dance floor!” or ” that norwegian girl is killing tonight? When we look at our dance history, I guess we end up with Norwegian Folk dance’s, wals ans swing, which are not exactly the hottest topics on the floor (except in gym class, where these are mandatory). Another thing that is interesting is that if I say steppdance or tappdance you are prabobly thinking Irish or west-African.  When I went to Colombia, it felt like everyone danced salsa. When we went to clubs, there was people from 18 up to 50-60 dancing in the same club! I don’t really se why they had tables there, because people did not really use them! We danced, talked and drank at the same time.  I did not meet one person, that said, “sorry, i don’t dance”. Is it in their blood? How come they all know salsa? I don’t really know the answer, but my friends mum in Colombia told me that ” They listen to the music from when they are born, and when they start to walk, the rhythm is already there, so when they are 4-5 its easy to pick up the steps”.  Hm, well we Norwegians listen to music, but it’s not the kind that makes our hips move, its more the kind that makes us look like sticks! It’s the same thing with black people, they have a great rhythm, and you always se them on the dance floor! When i was living in the USA, my roommate tried to teach me a few dance moves. They looked really cool and simple when she did it, but when I tried I almost ended up breaking my back! They would dance on the bus, in the parking lot, in the club, at school or in the gym. Ever seen a few people playing music dancing in the parking lot in Norway? No, we park our cars next to each other and play our ears out! I hope you understand I am not talking about everybody as in literally everybody, but more as in a common general sence. I guess we have some famous norwegian dancer…….. eh, well I cant really think of any, can you? We have lots of skiers dough, but they are  tall, skinny and have hips like a tooth pick. If you bend it, it will break!

I can honestly say, that I am not a great dancer, but one thing is sure. I’d rather have fun on the dance floor trying to dance, and on a lucky day make a move. Than sit on the side staring out in the air looking like a fool. People say they look like a fool, when they try to dance, ok, SO WHAT? Just let lose and have fun, it does not hurt to try. What do you have to lose? Sitting alone, watching your friends dance, or being on the floor laughing with them or at your self trying to master the dancing technique.

Well, if you are a great dancer “have fun and go wild” and if you have time, teach your friends something cool! If you are not a good dancer, get your ass on the dance floor and start learning! The moves will not come to you in the chair, but who knows what will happen on the dance floor!

“Have fun go wild”




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