Welcome to kristi’s Adventure!

For a long time now, i have been wondering about starting my own blog. My whole family and some of my friends have been on my neck the last year about how slow i am and that i need to get my own blog, they say “you have to keep up with the rest of the world”. I have always found a certain joy in writing, but i never thought that other people would like to read about what i do, how i think, and what i have experienced. Finnaly i decided that when i get a new computer i would also start my own blog, as you can se this must mean that i have gotten a new computer. So, here i am, sitting with a brand new ACER AS5820TG in my lap starting my first BLOG! I must admit i am a little nervous and a little anxious about how this will go. It’s scary to think that i will share my thoughts and experiences with random people that i dont know, but at the same time its good to know that maybe it will inspire or help others. I have not really satt any standards for what i will write about or how i will write, but i know that if i can write half of the things i have on my mind there will be something here for you to read.


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